What do you do when your son “reminds” you that there are 100 guests invited to his Sweet 16 party in three days (which is today)?

  1. Don’t panic.
  2. Remind yourself that this child is one of your most amazing blessings.
  3. Ask him how much money he is willing to contribute  to make this party a success.
  4. Look at your calendar, see that you will be gone every day until and including said party.
  5. See number one
  6. Wake up morning of “party”,  hop on computer before leaving for the day to enlist readers in a pity party.
  7. GET CREATIVE. What things can our home offer that no one else can?
  8. Enjoy the process. (If I can pull this off successfully with great food and fellowship, anyone can).
  9. Go wake up ‘soon to be’ birthday boy and tell him, “This is your party, get to work.”
  10. Leave house, knowing that two teenagers are in charge of cleaning for the day and hope they become real men while I’m gone.

Yes, I just wanted to invite you along for our ride of real life “Beauty and Bedlam.” Don’t you just love raising teenagers? In his defense, we did talk about this party….one month ago… before Ecuador was a reality. In his mind, he’s covered, people are invited and I am committed. We will make this happen.

Check back as I blog about how we pulled off a huge party in a day. Complete with good food and fun.

I can’t tell you yet (because I don’t know). 😉