Pop Warner Mid South Region ChampionsPop Warner Mid South Regional Champions

A whirlwind month has flown through our household, and I do believe we’re on the tail end of this hurricane by saving the best for last.

This past Saturday, our two high school boys’ football team claimed the Regional Championship title advancing them to the Pop Warner National Championship Week (otherwise known as the Superbowl) in Orlando, Florida. The games take place at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Center, with games being shown on ESPN.
Beginning the season with 1400 teams nationwide in their Midget (age/weight) division, the field has been narrowed to the top eight Division 1 teams. Competition is fierce, and our guys will have to battle like they haven’t had to in their undefeated season.

So with only five days to get our “life” canceled, the team won on Saturday evening, and we pulled out Friday at 7:30 AM.

While traveling with 23 high  school boys, there’s never a dull moment. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of “life experiences” to share.

So here’s to the beauty and bedlam of youth sports….


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