As an update to my previous post, please remind me not to write a blog post at midnight on a jam packed day. 🙂
I tend to forget that I have new followers who don’t know “my blog history” or the behind the scenes scenario.
So welcome new followers! This is surely a fun place to be where you’ll follow our beauty and bedlam of frugal homemaking (and yes, some rare animal posts. 🙂
One of the reasons we have animals is to teach our children to love on God’s creatures, nurture their love of nature, learn responsibility, and yes, to show them that chores are a GOOD THING!

Since the previous post didn’t give specific details, I thought I would assure you all of the chicks welfare.
Our yellow lab is actually pregnant and has tremendous “nesting” instincts. She is gentle, loving. and has watched over our flock of chickens tending to them as her own.
In these pictures, our dog was actually licking them and making sure that they didn’t jump out of the box. It’s really precious because every time they jump up on the side of the box, she rushes over, grooms them, and then nudges them back in the box.
Baby chicks have to be fully feathered before they can stay outside in the elements. Due to the unseasonably cold evenings, we had to bring them inside at night (since we have no garage) until they were fully feathered.
As of this weekend, they are outside….there’s only so much bedlam even this mom can take. 🙂