Oh, I have missed my time here.
I know that the first sign of addiction is denial,
so I won’t deny it….cold turkey from you all was hard…bedlam, I tell you, sheer bedlam.
So hard that I didn’t quite make it, ok…I’ll be honest… I didn’t make it. I snuck on another computer for a few hours, alright.
Bad news….the laptop has a really bad virus, so bad that I don’t think it will make it.

Good news, I have one standing in the gap for the time being.

Since many of you are coming by via the Nester’s fun “mistreatment party,” I thought I would take advantage of all the collaborative creativeness that is out there.
It’s amazing all that I got done without blogger access. I just have to share a tad or I’ll burst!

My girls’ room wall color went from this so sad white primer – not kidding and not staged –
I don’t believe in it…ha ha…

***edited to add…the Nester has clarified my definitions. Staging is only for when you are putting a house on the market, so I need to change my terminology to explain…hee hee). Whenever I want to take a pic of an area of my house, I decide it may not be worth it because of the time needed to get that area “picture worthy.” So, it’s a “take me as I am” approach…I need to clean/organized for the benefit of my family, myself, and making my haven a place of comfort and peace…not just for my blog.

To this happy pink/green….
(the pink isn’t quite as bright as it looks on the pic).
It’s not finished yet, so I can’t wait to show you the final product of a room redo for under $20 (including the paint..gotta love Oops).
And I bought this 1928 antique sideboard yesterday at a yard sale,
right before my van died in the middle of an intersection leaving me stranded with my daughter minutes away from the 15 family neighborhood sale we had been hunting for… whew…I got that all in with only one breath (stayed tuned and I’ll tell you the story)

But I know you didn’t come to get a recap on my week,
you came for this….

and this…….

What else do you do with a nasty garbage can cabinet door that was slowly deteriorating and falling off its hinges?
You do a mistreatment and make it the cutest little garbage nook in the world.
Don’t you just want to climb in, hang out there and have a cup of java? Well, maybe not now that you actually see the garbage, but before that…maybe?
For those of you who have germ issues…this is perfect. You just slide it off the suspension bar and throw it in the washer whenever you feel the need.
Here’s where I SO need your help.
Why make the Nester do all the work?
Plus, since she’s a friend in real life, I promised that I would never come asking her for advice….this doesn’t count, does it?
I am only using her linky thing.
For those of you new to my blog…I have 21 gorgeous windows like this that are in dire need of your help…they are not even mistreated, they are untreated, and I don’t know what to do….HELP!! Even with all her inspiration,
I am paralyzed with the thought of mistreating gi-normous windows like these.
I have gorgeous fabric to go with this room, just waiting…very patiently…much more patiently than my kids ever have waited, but how do I do these three beautiful windows with the transoms over them? Any ideas?
The chair and table can be pulled away from the wall a bit. My kids are just cozied up watching the Olympics and remember…I don’t believe in staging:)
I can’t wait to hear your ideas,
and if you want another Nester cabinet redo…click here and scroll down…it’s a really good one!!