Here at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam, I was going to let this March 3rd sneak by like any other day with non the wiser, but…I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to thank you all for sharing a special spot in my life.

Never did I think that ladies I have never met would feel like “friends,” nor would I be able to deepen my friendship with people in real life because we share a bit more openly on our blog – especially when we blog the beauty AND the bedlam.
I wanted to have you all ponder my age…forever…but I admit, I am entering this dark, and dangerous, new decade.
If I wanted to keep it a secret, I wouldn’t be able to show off what I have been enjoying for breakfast the last few days
(and all the pics had the dreaded age on them).
I am not even a chocolate cake lover, but this six layer little sinner, made by a French pastry chef at this Bistro, has been tempting me daily
(whew, it’s finally gone – someone had to take care of that.)

We laughed when they brought it out because I think he was going to have a heart attack that my sweet sis in love defaced his creation with the candles, and roses.
The fun twist behind this surprise party was that I “planned” the date, time and place myself.
I direct a home school group and we try to have various ladies’ nights out.
Well, with my evening scheduling being so crazy lately, I have postponed the date two other times, and knew that I couldn’t cancel this one.

I announced the date only one week earlier (so they were fast), and that this coffe night would hold, no matter what…even if only one other person could come, I was going to be there.

It was a really busy day, I taught the pre-teen girl’s Keeper Club how to make home made pizza,
and arrived home with just a few minutes to spare.

Had I known that pictures were awaiting, I would have used that time to change my “fat” jeans and shirt, fixed my bad hair day, and put on some make-up, but I was just meeting those friends that you share your bedlam with – you know those kind?
The kind you don’t change your clothes for?

So yes, they got me good…which is rare….

I am so blessed with friends, old and knew, with whom I can share life.
Friends who email me with frugal deals, and cut coupons with me, friends who laugh at me but love me anyhow, friends who have stuck by me through financial disasters, but encourage me along the way with all the amazing things that the Lord has done, friends who have been there through the births of many children, and celebrate the joys and blessings of mothering,

friends that allow me to just be….

My sweet sis wanted me to be Queen for a Day…and you can bet by the end of Thursday evening, my daughter had claimed that crown for herself. 🙂

This girls night wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging that sharing life with this best friend is a joy, even if he says I’m now officially middle aged.
In my heart I don’t feel middle aged. I’m told I don’t look middle aged…but could it be true?
Is he right? UGH! 🙂

The Lord has wonderful plans in store for my hubby and me during this God Watch period of our lives, and I know that in His time He will reveal them.
So now we wait….
I wouldn’t want to go through this with any one else.

Thank you all for making this transition into middleage hood so…ah…manageable. 🙂 x0x0