Last week, I shared the importance of having friends with which you can just be yourself. True friends with whom you can share your bedlam and know that it’s ok.
In the midst of that post, I told the story of the delicious dessert salad that was so easy my friend literally had her young daughter make it in the back seat of the car. So many of requested that recipe, so I decided to share.
Now remember, you asked!
When you see the details, you may roll your eyes at the ease, BUT those are the exact recipes you requested. Ones that taste like there was work involved, when in reality, there was only kind thoughts and intentions, no stress.
Ideally, I love using all healthy, homemade ingredients – this is not one of those recipes (so no emails, please). If you desire to make some homemade pudding and use homemade whip cream, that would be delicious and amazing, but then you would not be able to make this in the back of your car on the way to your next event when you didn’t have time to bake. 🙂
The picture doesn’t capture how yummy it is, and honestly, I am not a pistachio pudding lover, yet I still gobbled this up.
The blend of flavors, with creamy goodness, makes it really delicious.
Buckle your seats, this is going to be difficult.