There’s just something about gorgeous linens and napkins all folded up pretty like that makes my table so very happy. I’ve been experimenting with napkin folds over the last couple years and slowly, but surely, I will share them all here.

Last year, I shared one of my favorite easy napkin folds (shown below). If you are a true visual, in real life, kind of person, head to see the video for this simple napkin fold.

So many FANTASTIC ideas for this simple napkin fold. Complete with video for visual learners.

Throughout the year, as I pop in at thrift stores and yard sales, I pick up linens for pennies on the dollar.  I enjoy changing out my table cloths for the different seasons. It adds such a festive touch.

The pinwheel napkin fold that I am sharing today is perfect for all sorts of parties. It’s perfect for children’s parties and adult gatherings alike.  Crisply ironed and simply folded on a plate, they can really look elegant, but as you may know, ironing isn’t my forte, so rest assured, slightly wrinkled napkins work beautifully, as well

Here are the directions, that I tried to line up with my photos.

1. Fold the four corners into the center.

2. Fold the top edge and the bottom edge into the center.

3. Bring the left and right sides in the center.

4. Find each of the four loose corners at the center and gently bring them out to the side to form four points. This is the trickiest part and may take a few times to understand the process, but once you do, you’ll laugh that you couldn’t figure it out immediately. (Ask me how I know. ;)).

5. Fold the bottom left point to the left side and the top right point to the right.

Feel free to adorn the top of the napkin with any sort of trinkets you may have around the house. I cut some holly off our bush for a festive Christmas touch, and after I finished taking these pictures, I experimented with some star ornaments that looked adorable as well.

If I was using this napkin fold for a kids party,  patterned, colorful napkins would be so much fun as well.

I end with the true reality of  my kitchen table at the moment. It’s amazing how bloggers can cut and crop to make everything look just perfect, when we know the true bedlam reality of the mess all around the edges of the camera lens. 🙂

Have fun with napkin folds this week. Go grab those linens that have been buried in your hutch for too many years and add just that extra touch of elegance to your holiday tablet this week.

But remember, you don’t have to keep it just for parties, your family is your most important guests of all.

For more tablescape ideas, have fun browsing.