Our IG month

Sweet friends – Can I call you that? Friends?

Anyone who has taken the time to faithfully hang around my corner of the blogosphere for awhile, comment here, on FB or even connect in some small ways through sharing both the beautiful moments as well as the bedlam ones, I truly see you as friends (but it’d be just a tad better to share some tea on our front porch.) 🙂

I’ve been in a creative funk over the last month or so, and I’ll have to try and process it in a post, but that accounts for the fact that I just can’t seem to turn on that computer like I should. I want to go back to the times of early blogging when I could just throw something up without having to think through all the varying “aspects” of blogging in this new era and for me, it’s just starting to happen on Instagram. I realize though that many of you aren’t on IG, so I thought I’d start doing a weekly check in here with a peek into our life.

Nothing grandiose, but just my simple, unedited musing throughout the week which line up with some of the pics. Many of these were posts from IG that you may have missed. SO, in no specific order beginning from the collage above: 

Family: We’ve had the entire family home together for the first time since June. I can’t tell you the joy it’s been to watch our kids grow in their love for each other and for this momma who has spent 20 years having them ALL around 24/7, it’s been quite the transition to only have three here now.

Porch: What a difference 18 months have made. Have you seen the “before” of “Our Porch that took 17 years to build?” The transformation is amazing. Our homestead still has lots more work, but every step is so exciting and I’m immensely grateful.

Praying that in some small way, 2015 will bring me one baby step closer towards beginning our Huckleberry Homestead Hospitality Barn (even if it’s just saving to clear the land and add the long road.) I’m dreaming big on this one, even though we don’t have the money yet.

Sidewalk: I got a bit teary watching this happen. Who would have thought that a lump of concrete as my Christmas present could be so wonderful? For the first time in 18 years (since we built our home), people will come in the front door. Friends have entered through our laundry room for nearly two decades. So much mixed joy goes into the waiting for something that most would consider such a little thing. His time table has not been mine, but it’s that much sweeter. I pray that if you are in a season of waiting, He will fill you above and beyond what you ever imagined.

Peek in a life

As I see all the people post for this year, most encourage us to put the past behind and press forward. Often, the most important thing we can do is to look back first, so then we can truly appreciate the new road before us.

Enjoying a full basketball season, which is pretty much my entire life right now with one daughter playing on the middle school team and then my two teens playing on varsity. Schedule is crazy, but I can enjoy watching our weird, unsocialized homeschoolers (although I have a bit of all kinds of schools now.) If you’ve ever asked the question about socialization you have never met our crew. They need a bit LESS socializing.

Frugal Fashionista that never got posted. Frigid NC temps led me to look at the wonderfully bright spot of my day sitting through eight hours of ball games – my mint cords and my favorite, fun, new Shine necklaces. $2 yard sale shirt with thrifted cardigan and pants from the outlet. Necklaces from Dayspring (you know I love them.)

Barn: Even though finances can stand in the way of that big dream, it doesn’t mean you stop dreaming, planning and taking baby steps towards that goal. We will have that party barn someday. 🙂

Life of beauty and bedlam

Yes, bedlam reigns and I came “clean” on New Year’s Eve (since I’m such a party animal) about my sock dilemma for all to see on instagram. Everyone started giving me suggestions, but I already had come up with an amazing solution to this problem which I’ll share later

Here was my feed from that night: On this New Year’s Eve, full of party pictures and excitement, there is a reality behind everyone’s life that they choose not to show. Mine is awfully glamourous and mismatched socks in our bedroom are the bane of my existence. When I’m done the ones that I’ve been holding onto are all getting thrown away. Finally! It will be freeing. And yes, five kid athletes have obscene amounts of socks. (And I’ll tell you that most who started giving me suggestions have never had football and basketball guys with multiple practices a day going through three pairs of socks in a day…;))

While I was pairing socks, our entire house was full of high schoolers. There’s no where I’d rather have my teens on New Years Eve then right in our home. Yes, there were a few bedlam moments, but I’ll leave that reality for a new post.

Thrifting – even though I’m supposed to be decluttering, I can’t help but pop into a few thrift and “junking”stores. Those HUGE metal letters! I LOVED them, but for the life of me couldn’t figure out where I’d use them, but they were so amazing!!

Packer Otterbox Defender Case

And now I’ll just end with a moment of silence for the big game tomorrow.

Our beloved Packers, yes, we still bleed green and gold even though we’ve been in NC for years, are playing for the NFC championship. What better way to show our allegiance than by showing off my son’s new Otterbox defender case acknowledging our favorite team.

I’ve bought so many Otterbox cases over the years. It’s the one investment that needs to occur when you have a parcel of active kids holding phone. I’ve never had a problem with my phone, even after multiple drops.

Otterbox Commuter Case

After years and years, I just updated to the iphone 6 plus. Yes, it’s pretty much my EYE-phone because they just don’t quite work like they used to. Otterbox sent me this amazing case in my favorite color. After always getting the defender series for myself, I decided it may be a bit big for this wonkin size phone so I got the commuter and it’s PERFECT!! In fact, everyone who sees it asks to hold my phone. It’s a bit odd, actually, but shows the power of its presence.

So that is my inaugural, random, peek into our week (or two).

I’d love to hear one beautiful moment of your week, as well as one of those bedlam moments we can all relate to. 🙂

>Let’s pretend we’re chatting on my front porch in the beautiful 70 degree weather. 🙂