Easy, yet elegant Bavarian Pear Torte. This is one of my most requested recipes.

No other recipe have I been asked for more than this easy, yet elegant Bavarian Pear Torte. As a young bride, it was that special recipe that fooled others into assuming my culinary skills were much more advanced than they actually were. This is delicious served as a dessert or perfect for a breakfast or brunch. It’s been a staple at our Easter brunch for years.

This recipe originally came from a gifted Bed and Breakfast cookbook, but through the years, I have adapted this Pear torte recipe and used various fruits, with both fresh and canned variations working well.

If there’s something simple you want to whip up, yet wow your guests at the same time, this Bavarian Pear Torte is the perfect recipe to try.

This delicious Bavarian Pear Torte is a crowd pleaser every time.

I’ve made this so many times and have never gotten a picture of what a piece of this amazing torte looks like because as soon as it hits the table, it’s devoured. Imagine my delight when one of my readers, Tessa, sent me hers.  I love that she didn’t even peel it entirely and it was still a hit. As you can see, any shape pan works. Her presentation is beautiful!