This delicious peach puff pancake is the perfect blend of all my favorite breakfast treats.

Did you know it’s always been my dream to own a bed and breakfast?

As a teenager, I would imagine sitting on my front porch sipping coffee with my guests. Yes, sipping coffee, swapping stories of adventure, and then parting as best friends. Somehow I assumed that the incredible amount of hard laborious work involved in the day to day laundry, cleaning and running of a bed and breakfast could be put by the way side if I just smiled and served scrumptious breakfasts every morning. (I can’t even keep my own bedroom clean, what was I thinking?)

The harsh reality of this dream changed just a tad when one of my best friend’s parents actually bought and starting running a bed and breakfast in downtown Milwaukee.

OH my, some of the stories they shared…

The Perfect Peach Puff Pancake is always a crowd pleaser

Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time and energy dreaming about ways to mesh my love of hospitality, desire to run a bed and breakfast and love of our homestead into something real and I can’t wait to share more about that as it surfaces.

In some ways though, I get a touch of my dream on a regular basis, minus the money, fervent appreciation and swapping of adventures, mind you.

Don’t we all run a bed and breakfast to some extent? 🙂

I cook for large groups of people on a regular basis and Puff Pancakes of all different varieties make an appearance quite regularly.

Peach Puff Pancakes make an appearance nearly every weekend.

They feed a crowd easily without having to stand over the griddle for an hour.

The very first basic Puff Pancake recipe that I started with years ago won over the crowd and I’ve experimented with them every since.While I LOVE using fresh peaches when they are in season, often I revert to canned peaches during the winter.

This Peach Puff Pancake Recipe is always a winner and as I don my apron, I close my eyes and imagine my porch filled with customers to my very own Bed and Breakfast. Then I open them, feed the kids and go wash the dishes.

(FYI:  it’s not a traditional pancake type consistency, so the first time you make it, don’t use the word pancake with your kids or they will expect something else. While the pancake puffs immediately, it does “settle” so don’t let that surprise you. ;))

Enjoy and please know you are welcome to my “Bed and Breakfast” any time.  At least we can eat this and sip coffee on my front porch.

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