A few weeks ago, I shared about partnering with Glidden to add a fun accent wall to my daughters’ bedroom. I shared an entire tutorial on Choosing the Right Paint Finish, and then I asked what was your favorite paint finish. Dozens of you responded on facebook. You all are smart! I think Eggshell won for the most popular finish.

Since our nine year old and thirteen year old share a room, the hardest part has been determining a look that they both agree on and fortunately,Glidden new line of Disney Interior Paintsย  did the trick, especially their Chalkboard paint.

I am in love with the fact that I now have 24 colors choices aside from the typical black chalk board paint (which I also used on my outdoor table.)

What I love about this paint is that options are endless. This is NOT just for painting walls, which makes it incredibly versatile.

I’ve used it on glasses, trays, and even candle sticks.

And of course, I love using it on furniture. I painted this old dining room table that was collecting dust in my attic and I finished it just in time for our party. It’s been fun to show you all just how easy re-purposing something can be.

Creativity abounds with just a little bit of this paint.

The idea and colors for the accent wall came from this picture.

Crown of Beauty Choosing the Right Paint Finish for Interior Walls

Raising daughters is a privilege, and yet, I understand the importance of filling their love tank with words of affirmation. The world is full of mean girls and I want our daughters to know that they are always my true princess –ย  loved, cherished, adored and accepted regardless of what others say.

The chalk board paint gives me the opportunity to write words of true that they will see every single day (although my next goal is to learn gorgeous chalk board writing. :))

The process was so very simple, and not much of a time commitment. It was one project that allowed my daughters to take the lead.

I LOVE the punch of drama it gave to the room. Unfortunately, I don’t have a camera lens to catch it all in one shot, but this gives the over all effect.

I used painters tape to secure the stencil that I purchased. Initially, I tried to do this free hand, but realized the small investment in a stencil was so worth it. I painted the first coat, let it dry and then painted the final coat. Make sure that you let it dry over night before you write on the paint. It needs time to cure.

Our nine year old was most excited about the glitter paint. Initially, we wanted to alternate the polka dots with chalk paint and glitter, but the glitter is a clear coat overcoat that gives a very subtle glitter sheen. I wouldn’t recommend it as a stand alone paint.ย  It’s adorable in the right light. Make sure you mix it well and paint it everywhere. We painted around the polka dots, and also painted the opposite green wall.

The green wall houses their standing mirror and now with the sparkle accent around it, I shared that my desire was that this would serve as a reminder to Shine for Him.

Since I’ve been trying to let my creative nine year old have lots of free reign, I allowed her to paint without total supervision. We now have some “Extra glittery” parts of the wall, but she loves that part the best. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s a fun, new twist to a wall. My daughter also painted the front of her dresser drawers with the glitter paint, and I love how she takes initiative to create something that she loves. Fortunately for my 13 year old, she’s is ok with that creating, as long as she approves it first.

It’s adorable and definitely cause for celebration.

We gathered some of her friends on a beautiful day.

With a princess theme, we had fun with frilly nail polishes doing our own DIY manicures, along with some creative art princess masterpieces that they took home to hang.

Our youngest friend dressed up as the true princess she is sporting a shirt with all her favorite princesses. She was the hit of the hour as the older girls doted on her.

The moms and and I chuckled. She said, “Jen, I think this party is now all about her.”She is the ultimate princess.

It was precious. She fervently concentrated on her masterpiece while others painted her nails.

I’ve left these blocks on our kitchen table for a few weeks now.

They are our reminder to Shine on, regardless of the circumstances!!

They are growing up so fast. I want to savor every precious minute, don’t you?

Compensation and products for review were provided by Glidden via MomTrends. ย The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Glidden.