I paint. She paints. I am painting.

The grammar girl in me can’t help but express herself when she has spent the last few weeks painting away.

If you’re following along on my Instagram (jenschmidt_beautyandbedlam) or facebook, you know I’ve been painting up a storm. From spray paint, eggshell, high gloss and even chalk board paint, I’ve been hitting them all.

When spring hits, most people start cleaning and organizing. While that really needs to be my first choice, I turn elsewhere. As soon as I feel those first moments of warm air, I start painting. There’s something about throwing open the windows, hearing the birds chirping away, and whipping out a myriad of color palettes to get me in the creative mood, and I’d love for you to join me.

I thought I’d spend the next month, doing a series of posts on everything you could possibly want to know about painting. From painting furniture, home accessories and walls, I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been creating. The best part is nearly all the projects just take a few hours of your time, and some, like my turquoise wire table above, just minutes.) There’s nothing better to freshen up ones home decor than a new coat of paint, yet I know many of you are tentative when it comes to doing something so “permanent.”

But we are going to loosen up, have fun and try something new and unexpected.

That’s what I love about paint.ย  I’m always amazed at what a dramatic, yet frugal, change occurs just with a new color or finish,ย  yet if you decide you don’t like it, you’re only a few coats away from changing it up and creating a whole new look again.

One of the projects I am about to tackle is my daughters’ room.

Our 9 year old has been asking me forever to change it up, and sometimes you just need a little motivation to have that happen. I’ve partnered with Glidden (I LOVE their paints) to try their new Disney paint line found exclusively at Walmart. I’ve never seen these kind of choices and finishes. Wow, I just love them.

Does it get any better for my nine year old princess than to envelop herself in the whole world of Disney inspiration? I mean 112 exclusive colors and five innovative specialty finishes that follow Disney themes gave her more fun dreaming than one girl could ever do.

It’s hard for most parents to let their kids fly when it comes to room decor, but maybe because she is our fifth child, and I love seeing her imagination come to life, I’ve decided to give her wings, and design what ever she wants.

(Remember her amazing dresser redo that she did by herself? I really do trust her. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

We are only tackling one wall, and since she shares a room with our 13 year old daughter, I know they’ll put their heads together for something great.

This bedroom process took two trips to Walmart before we could narrow our choices, and she loved every minute of it. Between chalk board paint, glitter and metallic finishes, she spent a long time trying to decide how she wanted her room. Since I handed her the reigns of responsibility, it was so cute to see how seriously she took it. She gave me a verbal vision “board” with many options. We spent at least thirty minutes just looking at all the great inspiration cards that they gave for each finish and she loved too many choices.

“One wall, honey,”I kept reminding her.

Although I am not one to talk since I’ve personally had three small swatches of paint up on a corner of our great room for SIX MONTHS. I am horrible at making those final decisions, so I was glad to give her the final choice.

As I roll out some of my upcoming paint projects, I’d love to hear some of the questions that you have? Any specific things you are pondering in the world of paint?

If you have children, I highly recommend looking into the new Disney paint line for both boys and girls from infant to tween.ย  It’s comparably priced andย  the diverse palettes make decorating with your child โ€“ no matter the age โ€“ easy and fun. Next week, we’ll be hitting her walls. Wish me luck. ๐Ÿ™‚

Disclaimer: Compensation and products for review were provided by Glidden via MomTrends. ย The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Glidden.