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Every Thursday afternoon, our daughter participates in a “Keeper’s Club where the girls are introduced to many “lost” arts. Personally, I was drawn to the first month’s topic because it’s something I have wanted to learn for years. (If you follow me on facebook or instagram (beautyandbedlam), you’ve already seen this in real live time.)

When our oldest was born, I bought a sewing machine at a yard sale, and taught myself how to make baby blankets and pillow cases, but I was always so intimidated by the machine. Too often, I couldn’t get the bobbin to work and every little task became a chore, so I sold that machine at my yard sale.

Four Christmases ago, I decided to try it again, and bought our oldest daughter a new sewing machine. We were going to learn together. Well, embarrassingly enough, it was finally taken out of the box for the first time at Keeper’s Club. Yes, that is just sometime how it goes. 😉 I “pretended” to help, but really, they ended up teaching me how to get my machine set up. One thing I have embraced it that I am never too old to learn new things. If I desire my children to be life long learners, I have to go there myself.

I was thrilled when I saw this affiliate offer come through for FREE Sewing Machine classes. Yes, you can sign up for the free Crafty classes, then choose on-line class, and finally choose Sewing Machine 911 for Free. If I had this years ago, I may have worked through my bobbin/needle problems. 😉

I’ve already started watching my first lesson and it’s informative, fun, and I think even I can get the hang of this thing.

Did I mention FREE?


Here’s a partial desctiption from the Crafty site: Sewing Machine 911

Intimidated by your sewing machine? Claudia Miller covers all you need to know to get sewing. This free class includes an overview of various kinds of sewing machines, explains what the different parts do, and helps you troubleshoot your machine and keep it in good condition.

The classes are free and never expire. You may access them when ever you want. If this is something you’ve been looking for, give it a try.Sign up for Free