In the last two weeks, I have had tremendous success with matching up the sales flyers with my coupons, thus enabling me to stock up on quite a few things that I typically don’t purchase.

While the stockpiling benefits allow me to avoid any impulse purchases, plan my menus based on what I have on hand in my pantry and freezer, as well as the freedom to completely avoid the grocery store for a week, it also has a few downsides for those of us (ME) who aren’t a Type A organizer type.
I was challenged to clean out my pantry this week, and gladly knew this was one accountability step on which I would rise to the challenge.
The reason?
Stockpiling had started getting the best of my children.
First, it has led them to believe that if there are ten boxes of fruit roll-ups in the pantry (because mom got them for only $.50/box), then they have free reign to help themselves to treats at any given time of any day.

And while they help themselves, they seemingly forget that there is something called a garbage can where…hello…empty snack boxes are supposed to be placed.

And the rest of the boxes are thrown haphazardly back in the pantry, much to the chagrin of their momma.
I can’t believe that this bottom floor is actually going to be seen in its full, large sized bedlam, but it is….as an inspiration… that this could be you, if you’re not careful.
(Sorry, for the big picture, but I don’t want to reload them all)


I reclaimed the floor, and “shopped my house” for some organizational help.
In the attic, I found this 2-tiered shelf that housed some kid toys.
It’s being used in all its glory right here on the floor.
Since I buy potatoes and onions in bulk, the worst thing ever is the smell of a rotten potato.
Keeping them in the bags has led to that horrendous smell more times than I care to remember (once is enough).
And yes, that before picture is the exact same floor space – hard to believe, isn’t it?
Quite often, canned goods are on sale at incredible prices with the double coupons.
When they go on sale BOGO free, I stock up.
I have labeled the shelves – soups, veggies, and fruits.
The blue bin is where I am now holding all my bags of dried beans (not the beans that I buy in bulk).

Canned goods can get out of control, so I bought these organizers at a yard sale for only $.25.
I will make sure and rotate them so that the dates are always current.
I won’t have to buy any more for awhile.
The reason I do this was permanently etched in my brain today at the grocery store, when I saw a woman buy 2 cans of soup at $2.59/each that I had just bought two weeks ago for $.50 each.
Don’t worry, I didn’t tell her – that would have made her feel awful. 🙂
That is why I stock up. I ONLY purchase items when they are at my “target” price.
If they aren’t, I don’t buy them, and we wait til they go on sale.

Fortunately, my Homemade Gourmet items always make me feel organized.
I keep all my bulk mixes and seasoning right here.
Remember all the dips my children can whip up?
They all begin with a little bit of these.

And yes, the law has been set down for the cereal bars and fruit roll ups.
(Even though I thought it was before, somehow it got lost in the stockpile. 🙂
I took all the snacks out of their boxes and put then in here – up high.
Yes, they can still get to them, but the “free for all” feel is gone, and now they have to intentionally be looking for them.

All the individual packs of oatmeal?
It feels good to get rid of a lot of the card board boxes.
Since I buy a lot of bulk foods – wheat, oatmeal, rice, barley, beans etc, I wanted them all a bit more uniform. i pick up most of my organizational things at yard sales. Even though I would love for them all to match perfectly, I am going for form, function and PRICE over the complete beauty package.

And just to let you know….yes, there are a few misc. items that I am still working on….

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