Welcome all my Once Upon a Family friends….This is for you.
Regular posting continued tomorrow.:)

And for those of you wondering…yes, I still can’t believe that we broke the bed.
I fessed up with my kids, showed them the pictures and I got a “lecture” about honoring other people’s property. That’s what I always tell them when they want to jump on beds on vacation.
Yes, it was definitely a “do as I say, not as I do” moment.:)
Getting onto the good stuff.
Here are the great group of newcomers that we had…

We had a fabulous Friday…Lorle started this fun dancing train.
Notice her gorgeous turquoise dress? Oh my, she made it herself during all her free time. The reason behind it? To match the new Happy Home book cover, of course (and I am serious.:)
Some of you may know that in her past life she designed a children’s clothing line…she’s good with the clothes thing.
Jen, Tara Link and Sally enjoying lunch in the suite.
Friday night we had a fabulous Friday night…talk about mixing some bedlam in…it was a Pajama party, and I mean party. With it being all ladies, huge amounts of chocolate and loud music, you can just let your imagination wander.
Do you have any idea how ecstatic I was to see this of bowl of beauty below?
Do you think it’s mash potatoes?
I would have been pretty happy with that too…..it’s WHIP CREAM!!
Mounds and mounds of it. HEAVEN ON EARTH!!!
I think we were supposed to dollop it in the home made hot chocolate….ha. Can I have a little liquid with my cup of whip cream please? Also, this was not your ordinary hot chocolate. No stirring the powder stuff…no siree. Liquid Godiva, I tell you.

Girls from Kings Court came with their princess attire.
Here’s Michelle starting it off.
Some cuties doing the line dancing. Notice Carrie Ann in the PINK Princess stuff, and she’s not even pregnant. She was letting everyone know that she will be in 4 days…”choosing the sex of your baby stuff.” Well, it’s been four days by now….hmmm….do you know where your child is?
Cutie patootie Bobbie Jo Goodwin smiling at me.:)

The blond Jen S, and the brunette – Jen Smith.
These heart pants are my Vday tradition. I wear them every single Vday all day…
When Vday doesn’t fall on a Tuesday, I still wear them to teach because it just wouldn’t be Vday if Mrs. S. doesn’t wear her pajama pants.
My legs were just hurting watching Kay North do this.
It was amazing, and when my kids saw this picture I heard screaming, “did you see that old lady doing the splits…no way.” I was laughing so hard. Don’t worry, Kay, they consider me an old lady as well. We’re all in it together.:)
Notice the beautiful backdrop…that was as good as the splits.
Go Pamela!
MaryAnne S, Amy G, and Dana B.
Now for the best event of all…the Saturday evening gala. So sorry that I don’t have pics from Saturday. I took many more of other people, but the lightening (and camera) were so bad that they didn’t come out very well.
Right before the gala, ladies who received Caring Connection and President’s Circle went up to Lorle’s suite for a few minutes. Everyone looking their loveliest.

Sally, me, and Katie Mills (the cutest pregnant woman in the whole wide world)
MaryAnne and Michelle F.
Weird to be in the pics for once. I better enjoy it because it ends with this post.:)

Team Leader recognition
They gave us the new tree, but each one had special words of encouragement that people had said about us….such a personal and special gift. I will be doing this in our own family…choosing to bless different family members with encouraging words and hanging them here.
Michelle and Laura
I had so many people come up and share with me that they wanted tips on yard saling because they just don’t have the “luck” that I have. As I started talking about it, I realize that there really is a certain technique to it.
I am going to do a whole post on having a designer wardrobe for $100.
You don’t think it’s possible, do you?
It is….
but this topic is a whole series of post, and it will be really fun, so stayed tuned. Just to let you know how it happens. My gown is from Good will and so is Tara’s little black dress.
Mine is an Evan Picone with the tags still on it (over $150). My yard sale jewelry still had the tags on them as well. A woman who owned a boutique was getting rid of extra necklace/earring sets at….$2. They’re gorgeous up close.
Our shoes were both unbelievable deals. Tara’s black shoes were on clearance for $5, and mine were $1 from a yard sale (yes, you heard it…they match the rhinestones on the dress perfectly).
Some one called them princess shoes…they have little glass heals and do look like Cinderella’s. Of course, they are my 5 year old’s favorite and she wears them all the time.
Weird lighting..just ignore that.

The highlight of the evening is the presentation of the 7 keys. None of my pictures came out from the poor lighting, but they will be sending out an announcement soon. Last year, it was an honor to receive the Living Proof award, but an even greater honor to pass it onto Holly Ehle this year. She truly deserves it. She lives and breathes everything that this award embodies. The Living Proof award is for someone who truly “walks the talk” of the Once Upon a Family lifestyle, and models intentionality with their family. As much of an honor as it is to receive it, Holly and I both know that we don’t do it for OUAF, we do it for Him, and pray that we are planting seeds along the way. I didn’t have a camera last year and so I “reenacted” it this year…different dress…10 pounds heavier…:)
Holly – congratulations. We missed you so much, but you again modeled the reason you won….you put family first! Wish it was you and me together in this pic. If I knew how to photoshop it, my friend, I could have been creative and added you right in.
Thanks for a wonderful week Once Upon a Family!