I am a Family Manager that loves accountability. My heart’s desire is to be in intentional in all aspects of my life, not just with my family. My intentional balancing act also consists of my home, finances, quiet time, and a myriad of other essentials I could list. But quite frankly, when the busyness of life gets in the way, those mundane domestic tasks are often the first to get pushed aside.
That’s why I couldn’t believe how happy it made me when I took two minutes to transfer my dish soap to this cruet. Yes, it’s the little things that make my day.
During my planting last fall, I went with a wild card full of lily bulbs. There was no guarantee of the colors that would bloom, so I was a bit disappointed when they were primarily orange.
I decided to work with the colors, rather than against them, and picked orange dish soap (that I got free from my triple coupon week) to put in my $1 yard sale cruet.

Just this simple act changed the mundane to the magical. I love to pour my soap from here…it makes me feel all royalish. 🙂
Now if I could just pour, walk away, and have the servants wash them for me, then, I’d be true royalty. Oh wait, I do have servants that are trained to do this mundane task. I believe they are called my children. Do you have royalty in your house?

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I have a fun brainstorm coming up where we can hold each other accountable for one month in the little things of life.
30 days of intentionality can transform the way we think about SO MANY things. But trust me, I will only set the timer for ten minutes a day, experimenting with how many areas I can take “outside the box” in transforming the little things from mundane to magical. 🙂
Does anyone want to join in?