Can’t get enough of His glory!
Besides the 3:45am start to my day,
who could have imagined that such beauty
could have turned to bedlam so quickly.
Our Once Upon a Family’s Operation Happy Home 2008 began on Thursday.
It started so innocently, and with such affirmation.
(Just out a shout out to Karen)
The Leadership Council marveled at her amazing name tag design.
Yes, she is quite proud – they match Lorle’s new book cover perfectly, in case you’re wondering.
We began with a congratulatory toast to the Leadership Council –

a group of upstanding, mature, adult women leading a company
(please, remember that)
(Jen Smith, me, Sally)
It was a time for Lorle to thank us for making a difference in the lives of families….for desiring to see family culture changed. Well, it

got us remembering special traditions that we have shared with our own kids. We are traditions consultants, aren’t we? We celebrate life’s simple moments.

One woman shared how much fun it was to christen hotel beds by….well….
Jumping on the bed….
So we all thought that would be the most fun ever…all 10 of us…..
Did you know that 10 minutes of all out belly laughter is equivalent to 2 hours of REM sleep?
It’s true….go have a belly laugh,
just squeeze hard if you’ve had kids the good ole’ fashioned way.
Some of us were wetting our pants.
Sorry, just being truthful and blunt…I want you to fully experience what happened next,
so I am setting the stage (and sharing a little bedlam).
Have you ever seen grown woman having so much good, clean, fun? We are celebrating the simple pleasures of life.
Until the bed broke.
Literally… I mean really broke….the bed in the presidential suite.
You know those really expensive suites that I could never afford?
I mean, one minute we were having the most fun ever
(tangent…should we tell our kids…
don’t we always tell them you should never ever jump on the bed?)
And then the entire thing collapsed onto the floor.
Lorle ( OUAF founder and CEO) and I were laughing so hard we could barely stand up.
Below we’re trying to figure out what to do.
We’re a family values company, shouldn’t we be honest?
On the other hand, who would have thought that they had any real wood bed frames left in hotels? That’s not our fault, is it?
Well, I checked…no other room had a “real bed” except the fancy schmancy suite.
All the other rooms in the WHOLE hotel have headboards nailed to the wall with iron frames, but NO, NOT this one.
Yep, I told you it was broken.

This is sweet Santiago that had been serving us, and was attempting to captures pictures of the whole bed jumping incident until it broke. I have been having problems loading pictures, but we got a different picture of him right after it broke and he was assuring us (in the little English he knew), that it was OK….he saw nothing.
This was before the fact, when he just thought we were crazy women.
And just so you know….this was clean fun, no drunkenness allowed.
So what did we decide? Don’t ask, don’t tell…..
That’s my story and I am stickin to it.
But just in case your conscience is bothering you…don’t worry, mine would be too.
We’re fessing up….but just how should we put this little incident….hmmmm?