Growing up in Wisconsin, there is one food that is as common place as football and the Packers  – brats. Not brat, as in your neighbor’s naughty child, but brat, as in rhymes with lot.
Drive through any Wisconsin neighborhood on weekend and the aroma of brats fills the summer evening air. Especially with the 4th of July coming up, there are so many fun grilling memories that surface.
Moving to North Carolina, was a complete shift in food culture. Pork here is still loved, but in a pulled Carolina pork form, not our beloved bratwurst form. Every time we would go back to visit family, we’d bring home a cooler full of bratwurst, special Wisconsin cheese and the classic mustard for brats – German-style Dusseldorf (never plain yellow – gasp) because we just couldn’t quite find anything like those from home. Well, that was a decade ago, and now we still love our brats, but we turn to Johnsonville here in NC.
So, imagine my delight when my hubby came home from Walmart with a coupon for Johnsonville’s newest creation – the Brat burger. He taste tested it and found it delicious. (Did I mention that we are suckers for a good sample?) We grill all the time in the summer and my guys love trying something different than our typical burger (although they gobble those up too.)
After grilling brats (NEVER boiling them), we love loading up garnishes on our traditional brats, so why would it be any different with the Brat Burger?
I’m excited to get really creative with some recipes for this,  but since my garden is growing and growing, I decided to use what I had, and not buy any additional ingredients. I so enjoyed using my own fresh produce for toppings.

  • Start by grilling your brat burgers, and don’t forget to enjoy the aroma.
  • Grate zucchini and yellow squash, and toss with a bit of Italian dressing (yes, this alone is a perfect light salad.)
  • Layer your choice of cheese, fresh garden tomatoes, sliced or grilled red peppers, grated vegetables, herbed mayo and a dash of spicy brown mustard. (For Wisconsinites, ketchup would be a no-no, since it disguises the wonderful flavors, but I still LOVE my ketchup.)

I was excited when Blissfully Domestic and the National Pork Board asked me to share this amazing recipe contest with you. I knew that my Tasty Tuesday readers, you Foodies, would love Johnsonville’s  No Ordinary Burger recipe contest.
You guys are some of the most creative kitchen wonders I know, and I would LOVE to see one your recipes win. So far, there aren’t that many recipes entered. YOU could win groceries from Walmart for the year. How amazing would that be? (And yes, people DO win those contests, but you must enter to win – speaking from experience. ;))
So take a minute and Enter the No Ordinary Burger contest to win free groceries for a year. You do not have to have a blog  or blog post recipe to enter. This is open to any recipe submission.
We will definitely be doing a lot of grilling this holiday weekend.
What about you? What are you cooking up for the 4th of July?

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Also, Please do not link up a recipe meme that you have started. Thanks for your understanding.
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