Seriously ladies – we have no right to complain about nursing ever again. You think you’re tired? These babies not only have really sharp teeth, but claws as well. Nope – no complaining here.
My years of nursing were just fine!

Our poor lab mommy can’t even go to the bathroom with one moment of peace. She’s so over this.
Do you know the feeling? I’ll never complain about my sweeties knocking on the bathroom door and interrupting me ever again.
Oh, we are feeling for you, poor thing….we’d be panting like that as well. (Now, I just wish I had her skinniness problem. Why didn’t I ever have my babies and then be exceptionally thin?)
For the first time ever she’s getting canned dog food to fatten her back up, and she is loving dinner time.
The time has come to say goodbye to these bundles of sweetness, and we are all mourning the fact. My daughter is convinced that having six dogs would work out just fine, but she surely hasn’t convinced me. I’m all about balancing beauty and bedlam, but I do still have one good brain. 🙂