Last month, I shared my love of all things fall, including fall color palettes for both my wardrobe and make up. I love pulling out my plethora of scarves and creating new looks with fun, fall accessories.

While we may spent a lot of time thinking through creative aspects in our wardrobe, we often forget how important it is to update our make up and try new techniques. I find the easiest way to experiment with our makeup is with new eye shadow colors.

For years, I never dared delve into hues of brown eye shadows. I think it’s easy to get into a rut of using the same exact products, and applying it the same way day after day. Often, picking the right eye shadow colors can be a bit tricky for blonds because if not applied well, it looks over done.

I assumed that with my summer/cool skin tones, any shades of browns were not a good choice for me, but I was wrong. Shades of browns look good on any skin type, and neutrals are a perfect place to start with experimentation.

One you get the hang a great smoky, neutral eyes, you can add in more vibrant colors.
Since I am fair skinned, lighter tones of browns, nudes, and beiges are great base colors for my daily eye shadow regime. I use those choices on my eye lid and brow, but then dress it up with varying deeper tones in the crease.

Neutral Smokey eye look + pop of color

For fall and winter, I include purple and greens accents that pull out my eye color, while I lean towards some gold tones for a dressier night out. I find that gold tones can really create warmth and bring out the highlights in the hair, but with Christmas and New Years coming quickly, you can be guaranteed you’ll see a splatter of silver or sparkle on my lids as well.

It’s all about having fun and blending well.

When I begin with a good primer, eye shadow blends so much better, as well as staying put all day. And like I mentioned on my eye make up video, make sure you come armed with a good brush and sponge.

Many eye shadow palettes include three shades in the same color family. Apply the lightest color on the brow bone, the darkest color in the crease and the medium shade on the eyelid. I always polish off my look with eye liner and a little brow color to fill in my blond brows.

I love taking just a little extra time for myself to get ready for special night outs with my honey. It doesn’t happen often enough, so I want to make sure when it does, I look my best.

What are some of the things that you spend a little extra time on during this time of year?