For years now, we have encouraged our sons to wait and guard a girl’s heart before he ever thinks about taking that first special kiss. A kiss is sacred and too many take that special moment for granted.

Well, times have changed and girls are much more forward these days.

This one? She is quite the hussy.

Trust me, honey, if she’s not the right one, you will go “Ewwww.”

(Edited to add: This October 2008 picture popped up as I was browsing, and I just had to share it again since so few of you would have seen it. I had no idea this spontaneous moment would happen with our neighbor’s horse. I just happened to have my camera set to the “sport” setting, which takes 3 shots in a second and it allowed me to capture this magical interaction.
This young son of mine is now 10 inches taller, 75 pounds heavier and for this mommy moment, I want to sneak him back into this setting and continue to guard his heart. :))