This past week morphed into a plethora of multi-tasking.
Are you there with me? Can you relate?
There were many moments that I was not sure how I would come up for air, and then a few moments where I just started chuckling.
This was one of them.
The irony of this situation was that nothing struck me as strange during this moment.
And then it hit me…if the UPS guy drove up right now, this may seem quite odd.


Would he recognize multi tasking at its finest?
You see, when men define their multi tasking, they sit in front of the laptop, answer their phone, and write down the message all at the same time.

When women multi task the day before Thanksgiving holiday, we start dinner, make coffee, get kids breakfast, discipline well fed kids, get hair hilited, spray paint chandelier on a whim during the hilight (debate how hilite is spelled…hilite…hilight…hi light), shoo dog away when he tries to get into wet paint, catch up with niece who is home visiting and doing the hilight, introduce niece to the blogging world and show her all of the amazing crafty ideas while hair is processing, give niece couponing and CVS tutorials, clean bathroom while kneeling to wash hair from highlight, (thus realizing that toilet and bath are both in dire need and must be scrubbed now…before the hair cut….my first huge cut in almost two years), start packing, answer “business” emails…and a few more unmentionables…
all in the course of a two hour “hair appointment.”
Do you want me to share what I did with the rest of my day – after she left?
This was all just from 10-12. 🙂 

And as for the hair cut…..she cut off four inches…….
Here I took it out of my pony tail to show you the “before.”
Yes, it had gotten quite long, but I sure do love my long pony tail.