For those of you who commented on my Multi Tasking Mama post, you requested a before/after shot of both the hair and the spray paint reveal.
Well, this will be a completely superficial post since I just got back from my music rehearsal (I am leading carols at our womens’ tea tomorrow evening), am crazily packing for my whirlwind trip to Disney (or should be) and should have no time to type, download pics (already had these loaded), be witty or even pretend to think that I possibly could be…..(breathe, Jen, breathe), so with that “little bit” being said,
I give you my before and after –
Which doesn’t look much different because I just couldn’t pull the big “make over” trigger in my head.
Yes, I am a chicken, but think of the thousands $$$ I save because of it.
You know what one of my best friends said about my cut?
“Healthier”….wow…thanks a lot! 🙂
Before (just pulled out from my pony tail)

4 inches later…yep – healthier.
But in my defense, the before typically didn’t look that bad.

I am trying to get a picture since I knew you wanted to see one.
Everyone had left the building and I forgot to get one.
Laughing at myself for what a dork I am. I couldn’t figure out where to look in the mirror.
My amazing niece who did my hair.
She didn’t want me to post this since we didn’t have all our morning makeup on yet…hee hee.
Can anyone tutor me on how to photo shop eye shadow into a picture?
This newlywed is now kicking off her business in a fancy, smancy salon in New Hampshire. She is wonderful, so if any of you live in that great state… she will give you 50% off any hair service. YIPEE!
Or when she visits NC again, I told her that I would “book” her up all day long at my place..
Can you imagine how much fun we’d all have? Cheap hair services for you, mixed with meeting blogging friends IRL…all day. 🙂
My five year old daughter took my After picture since everyone ditched me.
I am boring…there’s not much you can do when I insist that I MUST be able to keep it in a pony tail. It’s my trademark.
I know you wanted to see the After of the chandelier…that is a whole other animal story…oh, the bedlam!! Below is my niece’s hubby. He is the biggest servant in the whole entire universe and he’s taking down my multi tasking spray paint chandelier.
Picture it white now …with Christmas gold balls hanging from it…and cracked globes.
Have I ever mentioned that I am an impatient crafter? 

But just wait til you see my Martha Stewardized. Fabulous, if I do say so myself. And it will get posted…from Disney, along with my handmade Jesse Tree ornaments, and ideas for organizing your own ornament exchange next year.
Just think of all the time I will have to blog when I am on vacation!!

Oh – I decided to download the poor pitiful thing anyhow.
But what potential it has!!
For all you ladies who don’t like your light fixtures…seriously, you can change the color of them in five minutes (or ten….if you take off the globes first 🙂
I can’t wait to start looking for lighting fixtures at yard sales. I have always been too afraid to tackle them, but not any more. Lesson learned, and I won’t do it again.
See anything missing?No, not those. Those are my wonderful thrift store berries that I found this week for my gorgeous garland. $1, and that bag full is what I have LEFT OVER!
Behind them….hmmm……is that where they should be?
In a corner, under a table, next to my guitar which is by my bountiful berries?
Here’s my life lesson for the day.
Next time your servant oriented nephew offers to help take off the globes before you paint them – take him up on it.
The “don’t worry, Jared, I’ll just spray paint around them and wash them off when I am done” theory doesn’t work so well when you have a 140 lb yellow lab puppy who just wants to hug, kiss and cuddle with you and doesn’t care about a silly ole’ chandelier.

Good grief….can I ever do this in 100 words or less.?
I should have never ever taken that speed typing course in high school.
Bad for blogging….
but I feel much more relaxed now thank you, and am ready for bed.