alarm clock
When I was asked to share a little bit about my morning routines, my knee jerk reaction responded,
“Why morning routines? Please, ask me about living on a budget, couponing or raising kids, but to share about my morning routines…AHH!”
There are so many things I can give advise on, and some of it even really solid advice, but sharing how my mornings actually function? I’m still putting that one into place.
I admit. My free spirit struggles with a consistent morning, and unfortunately, the kids are taking their ques from me.
I am a night owl and I love the  peaceful, late hours. But for it to be quiet around here, I need to stay up really late, which leads to a more disorganized morning because I haven’t gotten things ready the night before.  Honestly, I know what needs to be done. Quite frankly, I could give a workshop on how to have a perfectly executed, organized morning, and sound the expert, but being honest – I’m still in process. Every day  starts with so many variables. but I am making this a priority for 2010.
My goal is to be more consistent with my morning activities. When we start our day too late, mornings are rushed and the stress level rises. Taking accountability for how our day starts is something that I take very seriously, but gee-sh, just watch the video.  Getting those teen boys out of bed is an ordeal in and of itself.  (Trust me, there are no privileges left to take away). 🙂
Here are a few simple things I can implement immediately to make my day run more smoothly.

  • Get up earlier, which means go to sleep earlier. (Easier said than done.)
  • Have breakfast ideas thought through –  four out of the five weekdays.
  • Bring laundry downstairs as soon as I wake up, and immediately start a load (then remember to transfer it over 🙂 ).
  • Set the timer for my computer time and adhere to it. If I don’t wake up as planned, then no computer time before kids’ school. Often, that is a determining factor as to whether my morning runs smoothly or not.

So, am I talking to myself? What about you all?

Do you have your morning routines down pat or are there areas which you are working on as well?

If you do, I’d love to hear about them…the good, bad and ugly. You know it’s all welcome.
****Some of my friends have contemplated this very topic.
It encouraged me that we’re all in this together. Watch the video as we share a bit about our morning routines – it’s reality living at its finest.

BlissTV- Morning Routines from Blissful Media Group on Vimeo.
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