I am working on a talk called Living on More…with less, for our North Carolina Home School Conference this weekend. I am only referring to two mens’ resources in my workshop, and I was thrilled to discover that one of those resources is being offered for free.

Long before financial guru Dave Ramsey revolutionized people’s spending habits by encouraging hard core debt free living, the late Larry Burkett had been laying the ground work with financial principles so that leaders like Dave could take action steps to get out of debt.

As a CFP, my father was privileged to sit under the tutelage of Mr. Burkett while I was growing up, and therefore many of these principles were ingrained in me before a debt snowball ever occurred. Dave Ramsey and Larry Burkett are two men that I confidently recommend in the world of financial mentoring. I was thrilled to see that Larry’s Money Matters book was being offered with a “no strings attached” agreement. If you are looking for a place to begin with being better financial stewards of your money, check this out.
I’ve included the description below taken from their website.

In addition, if you need a good sub sandwich to go with that reading time, I came across the Quizno’s Q club. Sign up here to receive updates and a free flatbread Sammie coupon will be delivered to your inbox on sign up! No phone # necessary. It confirms on name and email.
As much as I believe eating at home is the best choice on the budget, yes, we love subs now and then, especially when they’re free. I love the deals they send through.

Money Matters: Answers to Your Financial Questions

One of America’s foremost authorities on financial stewardship, Larry Burkett presents a comprehensive resource in Money Matters. Indexed for easy use, Burkett offers concise answers to the most frequently asked questions from his national radio show. Drawing from over thirty years of Bible and finance study, Burkett provides principles for managing your money in a number of categories, including: housing and automobiles, retirement, budgeting, taxes, business issues and insurance, debt and credit, giving, investments, family and money issues.

Money Matters isn’t just for those in need of financial Rx. It’s an ideal resource for anyone desiring to align finances with Biblical principles.