My heart for entrepreneurship runs deep. While I firmly believe in living the frugal lifestyle, one of the key aspects of that frugal lifestyle is experimenting with ways to increase income.Β  One of those options is a home based business. Personally having worked in direct sales on and off since I first got married, I understand the beauty of a home based business option, as well as the power women have on purchasing decisions, which makes direct sales a great option for many. I also know that I would much rather support a real life entrepreneur helping support her family than a face-less corporation, so when Carrie, a home school mom of nine, contacted me about this 31 Gifts Giveaway, I was excited to support her.

31 Gifts motto is to celebrate, encourage and reward women for all that they do for families and others. That could very well be Balancing Beauty and Bedlam’s mission as well, since my desire for you all is to be encouraged in your role as a Family Manager.

Since you know how thrifty I am, before I agreed to the giveaway, I scoured Carrie’s 31 Gifts website to make sure I could support their products as a good value. She told me to check out the Large Family Tote for just $30 and once I had it in hand, I was more pleased than ever.

I had the opportunity to pick the fabric, and when it arrived, I was shocked at the large size. It’s perfect for my family, and would make an amazing gift since the embroidery personalizes it so well. I’ve only had it two weeks, and already I have put it to use five different ways. When I took our children to my blogging conference, I packed our dry goods for the week in it. Now, I have my stockpile of chips and crackers organized in our pantry and looking stylish at the same time.

I asked Carrie to share a bit about the products, “Our products are awesome. They are so very practical and functional. Yet, Thirty-One makes practical and functional, look stylish and modern, and there’s something for every woman and every budget! Whether you are going out on the town, going to work, or heading to the beach with the family, there is a bag or accessory for you!

Enter the giveaway and

One of our purses, in particular, is unique in the fact that you can change it’s appearance without ever having to empty the contents. Talk about quick. Our skirt purse is the master at “the quick change”. By simply unsnapping 4 snaps, unhooking 8 little hooks, the “skirt” comes off. Then just slide the new skirt on, rehook, resnap and VOILA! you have totally changed the outside fabric on the bag. On page 7 of our catalog, you can see a picture of this amazing bag.

This week, Carrie is donating a $50 Gift Certificate to herΒ  31 Gifts website. She would love to talk with you more about earning extra cash by sharing these unique products through a home based business opportunity, hosting a catalog show, or just email her,, for answers to your questions about some great gift giving options.

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