There is nothing I like more than sitting by the glow of the twinkling tree lights, sipping scrumptious hot chocolate, and enjoying the warm friendship of other ladies.
Well, The Secret is in the Sauce ladies are doing their 1st Annual Merry Sitsmas today, and since I can’t have the other three right now, this is the next best thing.
I am joining in…not only because I love meeting new ladies, but because there is a $200 Target card as a give away.
Now they have asked everyone to post their Christmas Card, and that is LOL funny to me because it’s not Dec. 24th yet…why would anyone think of Christmas cards at the beginning of December?
But since they are – those crazy ladies….
here is a very warm Balancing Beauty and Bedlam greeting from my family to yours.
Entering this new world of blogging has been a blessing (and a distraction :), and I look forward to many more Sitsmas with each of you new found friends.
(and if I haven’t “met” you yet….this is our year…).
(this was just this past Friday in Boone, NC)
Since I may be the only blogging lady that doesn’t have all her Christmas things Martha Stewardized yet, I thought I would show you…
the “I think I can, I think I can”
state of my family room.
I left it like this just as my eldest son exclaimed,”I hate Christmas decorating, it’s so stressful. It’s worse than studying for final exams.”
And with that…I said, “Let’s take a break.”
Well, there may have been a few other words exchanged as well, but the a for mentioned seemed more acceptable.
Let me tell you, we had some light “issues” and it was frustrating.

Slowly, we’re getting there.
We’ll finish. If not tomorrow, then the next day or the next….
and just when I make everything blog worthy for you all, I’ll leave for the Superbowl game…such a bummer!
Are you one that has to get it all done in one day?
I HEART you ladies, and wish I were you!
And yes…those are two sofas situated in tandem just for my family room.
They are holding various Christmas decorations.
Theater seating, anyone?
Yep, there’s a bedlam story birthing here, but I just can’t share it. 🙂

Oh, and they even want us to post a little poem or something creative.
But since I have no time
and can not be forced to rhyme,
I think I will have to pass…but alas, alas….
“Hark,” the blogging angels sing ,
“Jen, you’ll save a dime.
Oh, now they’ve crossed the line.
Because in my mind I sing…Target, she is King!

Oh, wow…that was pathetic, but it’s midnight and I have to get the link up, and I don’t want to edit. 🙂