mens sunglasses
My teen boys wear sunglasses every day, and they are spending $10 for ugly glasses (just telling the truth…they think they’re cool looking. ;)).
So NINE pair of sunglasses for $9 is UNBELIEVABLE (plus s/h).
That’s why I was SO excited to share this deal IS BACK, and I’ve been waiting since April!! This deal of the day will go FAST!
Last time I shared how excited I was to buy them for my boys, but I didn’t do it right away. By the afternoon, the deal was GONE and then they went and bought ONE PAIR at the beach for $10, so if you want sunglasses, order them now.  I just bought two sets of nine to use as gifts.
(EDITED TO ADD: the mens are gone already, but they have added the same deal for womens glasses.)
Save 40 - 90% everyday at


  • Espn, Panama Jack, Eagles Eyes & more brands (jackpot syle – you take what they send, but even if I get 3-4 that they like, it’s worth it.)
  • 100% UVA & UVB Protection
  • Styles include sport, classic, polarized, driving and more
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