Next weekend I have the wonderful opportunity to attend the Proverbs 31 – She Speaks Conference (for speakers, writers, and bloggers), right here in NC.
I was going to share my explanation, but Lysa’s vision is straight from the heart.


I know, I know…pretty amazing all that the Lord is going to reveal, isn’t it? I am so thankful for the vision of these women and their hearts of servant leadership.

Most of you reading only know me as a blogger.
A year ago, I could barely define ‘blog’. In a ministry sense, I would have considered myself a speaker and worship leader. Little did I know how much I would grow to love connecting with women through this on-line virtual coffeehouse known as blogland.
Hearing your heart through comments is wonderful, yet I would love nothing more than to have you right here, sitting in my trash to treasure family room, sipping some Starbucks while I listen to your story.
So when I attend a conference with 600 women, there are a lot of stories to hear.
Listening to them all is an impossibility, but breaking down the large group barrier and meeting new friends is a very real probability. That is my desire with this post – to connect a few of the women attending She Speaks ’09, and hopefully ease a few nerves of people going alone.
I know that the Lord is using this time of preparation to reveal His glory through the weekend.

I have been visiting blogs of those attending the conference and there are a lot of tentative women getting ready for this weekend. Somehow it brings back all those Junior High “cool club” feelings of fitting in, first impressions, let alone the “what do I wear?” dilemma.
Guess what? I hadn’t even thought one little bit about my clothing choices until I started reading every one’s blogs. Now you ladies got me all nervous. 😉

Since I am frugal blogger, I have to put in my two cents…I am devoting a whole Frugal Fashionista post to this weekend’s conference. Yes, I am committing to wearing all thrift clothing…all weekend. If I’m wearing someone else’s cast offs, you have no worries. 🙂 So let’s feel free to shop our closets, ladies. It’s just not worth it to charge up those credit cards. It’s amazing what gems can be found under all those piles in our closest.
Can you describe to me the outfits of ten women from church this past Sunday? Neither can I. Doesn’t that put it in perspective? No one is attending to critique fashion finazze…we are going to share our hearts. (Climbing down from my soap box now, thank you). So please come find me if you have any Frugal Fashionista attire on at the conference. My camera is going to be ready to click and feature you right here. 🙂

Since the conference time frame is jam packed, we wanted to make sure there was a scheduled time for all bloggers to connect and meet in one location. Friday evening there will be a Blogger Meet and Greet after the speaker evaluations are finished. On the schedule it says “free time” (9:30pm) and I invite you to join all the bloggers on the veranda. (Doesn’t that sound so “Gone with the Windish’…join us on the veranda? ;). At the registration table, I will have a reminder sign about our evening, but make sure to check in case there have been any last minute location changes.

For those of you not attending, you have an introduction right here to some wonderful ladies down below. For those of you joining us at She Speaks 09, please link up below to a specific She Speaks post or to your blog home page. Then, visit the new friend above and below you on the link list. Peruse their blog, leave a comment, and during the Friday meet and greet we will spend a few minutes finding our new friends. Don’t worry, I won’t make you do any “forced bonding” games such as clucking like a chicken to find each other. I gave that up with my youth ministry days. 🙂
This will allow you to put an instant face and warm body with that blog header/avatar picture.
Want to go a step further? Share one thing in your comment or by email that we can be praying for in this final time of preparation. It takes a lot to get out the door for a weekend, so let’s lift each other up as we anticipate all that the Lord will do through our time together.

For those of you on Twitter, we are using the hashtag #shespeaks throughout the week to keep updated. Many of us will be tweeting throughout the sessions/weekend, so come join in on the fun.

When we return, I invite you back here to share the stories and pictures of all that we have experienced. Are you getting excited?

Now come, link up and pass the word to other She Speaks 09 attendees. I can’t wait to visit your blog this week, and then meet you on Friday evening. 🙂