This is my small spot in the world where I share my reality of balancing beauty and bedlam.
So many blogs scream beauty, and I savor those with my coffee, but my goal is to also share the bedlam that pops into my life. It is there…quite often, when I least expect it.
It keeps this place real, and my pride in check (hmm, that may be a proud comment? hee hee).
Since you saw the “beauty” over at Emily’s (isn’t she an amazing photographer), browse around and you will find plenty of bedlam…breaking hotel beds, dancing in the rain, dogs throwing up gross things, as well as the typical, everyday events that take my breath away from God’s goodness.
This is the bedlam that I came home to on Sunday…less than a day before Emily took those great shots. Not how I would have chosen to introduce myself, but it’s life…my life.
City girl doing the country living thing.
Meet Mocha, the Menace (you can read more about her here).
Almost monthly she breaks away and decides to join the family for some bonding.
Unfortunately, she decided to start the grill before we were ready, or home from church.
She knows a good thing when she smells it,
and left over steak particles were calling to her from the field…she couldn’t resist. The problem? I was dressed in my Sunday go meeting clothes, with all my strong guys following behind in another car. Following way behind.
Who says that goats are herbivores?
You may wonder why I tried to tackle The Menace without changing my clothes?
Well, I did shed the great green wrap that covered up that bare skin that I am showing you all right now…I am typically on the more modest side. 🙂
At first, I thought it was funny and that my daughter could catch a good picture.
You see, if I were to let go of her, and take off those great $5 leather boots that I got at a yard sale, she would have gone straight for my flower bushes.
I KNOW…she ate 4 rose bushes down to the ground in a matter of minutes the last time I tried to postpone the inevitable, and trust her to mind her manners.
You see, by now, I am getting really ticked. Goats are strong, really strong, and stubborn. So stubborn that they will not give in – even to the point of making themselves faint.
Yep, she faints from that strong will, just because she doesn’t want to give in to her little sinful nature. Reminds me of a few kids that I know?
Hmmm…might even make a good devotional topic. 🙂
It is now an all out tug of war between good and evil,
and the blond will not give in….it’s a matter of pride, you see. She has beaten me before; I humbly admit, and dragged me across the field. In my weaker days, of course.
I didn’t know my 9 year old kept snapping pictures, but I am glad she did….too funny.
I think she’s starting to think in “blog post” terms.
Ahh haa…victory.
Well, almost…it was about another 10 minutes to get her back,
but this makes for a good ending.
My boys all pulled in about 5 minutes after the fiasco was finished and asked,
“Why isn’t lunch ready?”
Grr….males and their mealtimes.
The moral of that story….
they ended up making it themselves…hee hee
Oh, and if my regular friends are wondering about that designer wardrobe for $100…yep, I keep promising, but haven’t come through. It’s coming, but here’s a teaser.
Black….begin looking through the Good will racks for classic black pieces that can be the basis for multiple outfits. You want to start with 8 – 10 great core wardrobe pieces that we can mix/match.
What you see me wearing, including the jewelry that you can’t really see…
$12 (with the leather boots being $5 of those).
Skirt – $3.50 – Good will
Really sweaty tank from doing battle with a goat…..50 cents – yard sale
Gorgeous sheer green wrap that draws out the green accent on the skirt – $2.00 at the “boutique” section of a thrift store (seriously, that section is labeled boutique:)
Hmm…guess the impact isn’t the same without seeing it.
Well, you will. 😉
Thanks for stopping by…can’t wait to visit you.