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Working as a waitress for seven years during high school and college, I perfected one of my restaurant’s specialties – the Breakfast Skillet. It’s a favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner meal in our home, and so economic.
Purposely, whenever I make baked potatoes, I put extras aside so that I have some for this dish.  Start with diced potatoes sauted in a little butter or olive oil, make an opening in the potatoes and crack in some eggs. Then add what ever you love in a breakfast dish – ham, peppers, onions, cheese, etc and keep frying until everything is done. Do you love a Tex-Mex twist? Then try a little salsa with a dollop of sour cream – what ever you love works.
Yes, very professional directions, but they work. 🙂
breakfast skillet_opt
Dinner – this burrito bake was delicious (even though it looks sketchy with this late night, under the microwave picture.)
I just layered tortillas, taco seasoned ground beef, sour cream, salsa and cheese, then baked it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Best thing about this is that everything was bought with coupons. 🙂
burrito bake_opt
Lasagna skillet is always an easy one dish meal. Use your traditional lasagna ingredients, but throw them all in a skillet for a quick alternative to the layers and the clean up mess. Notice that I didn’t have enough of any one kind of pasta, but it sure doesn’t change the taste at all.

Paired with whole wheat french bread and salad, it makes a delicious dinner.
easy pasta dinner_opt(2)
But food for this weekend is going to have to be grab and go with left overs leading the way. (Have you seen a theme? We love left overs in our home (but often I do try and recreate then  into something new.)
The reason?
veggies salad_opt
I am now trying to decide on fancy, grown up food. Some foods that I typically don’t come in contact with because they definitely doesn’t come under the category of good ‘ole comfort food.
eggplant sandwiches_opt
And this was just foods that I was looking at with in the first hour of landing.
Because I am here…can you guess where?
streets of New York city_opt
Does this help?
Can I tell you that when I saw this site, I was reminded of all the patriotism wrapped up in this glorious landmark.
statue of liberty_opt
So, I get to hang with some wonderful women,  learn about an amazing company and their product, all while gawking at beautiful settings such as this…
four Seasons hotel_opt
So check out what The Happy Housewife and Cooking with Stolen Moments have been doing for additional inspiration, because the pics I will be sharing over the next 24 hours will be just eye candy.
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