Even though I shared my 14 year old Burger of a Lifetime post with you, I also stated that I was back to my old sinful ways.

Somehow, teen boys who devour 4 double cheeseburgers at one sitting without thinking something is terribly wrong with that accomplishment, has changed my perspective. (Hint, guys…does the word gluttony mean anything to you…?) Honestly, the dollar menu can be my best friend – perspective, I tell you.

So in honor of all things frugal, have you heard the news posted multiple places on the web?

Yes, I am off to make sure that every McDonald’s within a 30 mile radius is offering these delights, and if not…I will be talking to the manager, ever so sweetly that is. 🙂 I will be buying up MANY coupon booklets…won’t you join me?

Here’s the scoop:

Many McDonald’s around the country now have Valentine’s coupon booklets available. Priced at $1 at most locations, each coupon booklet contains 12 coupons for free items:

3 free hamburgers
3 free small cones
3 free apple dippers or small fry
3 free apple juice or milk jug
These are redeemable at any participating McDonald’s from February 14 to May 15, 2009. Please note that they are redeemable only by children ages 12 and under with a limit of one coupon per customer per visit.

* And just so you know I am above board, I will be using these for my little ones, AND those teen boys…after I ask if it’s OK. They always say “yes”. They’re nice like that. 🙂
Another heads up from Money Saving Mom:


Tomorrow (Wednesday, January 28, 2009) Panera Bread stores across the nation are offering free coffee all day long and free samples of their new breakfast items.

You may want to give a quick call before you drive out of your way to make sure that your local store is participating.