Hanging on my fridge is the following quote, given to me by our former worship pastor (our church is in the 16th month of a music pastor search process.)

“The greatest impediment to your spiritual intimacy is your giftedness. Because you are gifted, you are going to be able to make life work within the church without ever knowing God well.”

As I use this post to archive and compile old worship packages, I want this to be a constant reminder that I am nothing without Him.
May I NEVER stand before a congregation giving a spoken word, leading through music or even holding a child in the nursery by just making church “work.” If I begin to lean in that direction, may my hypocrisy ring so thoroughly through every fiber in my being that I can’t continue on, and that I am literally brought to my knees.

Each of us have been given unique gifts to reach others. Gifts that He uses (through us) to be a blessing, whether that be to your family, neighbors or maybe even a friend you’ve never met in blog land.
May you never doubt the impact you can have on the lives of those around you.
So, how are you using your gift this week?

0104 – Worship from WAV Technologies on Vimeo.

Christmas Eve 2008 from WAV Technologies on Vimeo.

1116 Worship from WAV Technologies on Vimeo.