Create a sense of wonder and magic in the imagination of your children as you bring the Magic Pumpkin Patch tradition to life.

It’s such a fun fall tradition and won’t take more than a few minutes to plan.

Let your children “stumble” up some magic pumpkin seeds (you can use real pumpkin seeds or candy corn works perfectly as well.) Yes, these pumpkin seeds grown pumpkins over night.

Gather your kids together and give each child one magic pumpkin seed. Have them each bury their magic seed in the yard and place a toothpick marker for where they buried their seeds. (Of course, they can “till and prepare” the ground first if you have future farmers on your hands.)

While they are sleeping, place a small pumpkin on each place they planted a seed. As you see them rush outside, watch how they are amazed by the beautiful pumpkins their magic seeds have grown into.
Take a picture of each child with their pumpkin in the patch and put it into your Fall/Halloween tradition book.

With many of our family traditions, my desire is to tie in a “character building” emphasis to the activity. Like the Magic Jelly Bean Easter Tradition, a special way to encourage acts of service and good choices throughout the month is to have this be an activity through out the week or month.

Decorate a special mason jar for fall and let your child know that each time you catch them making wise choices, they will get a “magic seed” to add to the jar.  At the end of the allotted time period, use those magic seeds to plant and let them know how all their amazing choices have brought these seeds to life. It makes a special impact.

Love seeing the excitement of Julie’s son with this tradition.

The above is twist on the Magic Jelly Bean Easter Tradition that many of you just love. Read more in depth details about how you can turn this into a character building activity.

garden 500x375 Magic Jelly Beans & the Lollipop Garden (Easter Tradition)

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