cobweb with snowMinutes ago, magic glittered from heaven…
Leaf with snowWe live in NC and this is a rare treat, so the gleeful screams from our kids could surely be heard cross country.
snow on holly bushThis shot was captured within five minutes of the first ginormous flakes….imagine what it’s going to look like in an hour.
Now off to have the boys gather firewood, warm the hot cider, blast the Christmas carols, finish putting up the Christmas decor and snuggle in for awhile.
It’s going to be a great day. Can someone pause the clock for a bit, please?
(Edited to add: It’s been a few hours, and it’s glorious. Yes, originally, from Wisconsin, I know you Northeners are laughing at me. It’s ok…I still laugh at all the NC people running to the store for bread and milk on days like today.
our snowy drivewayPeaking down our gravel drive…
snow on our road
Our chicken coop hidden in the woods (above).
Our house tucked back in a cozy spot (below).
winter scene from house