Every day when I glance out my French doors, I have the joy of seeing our friend come to say “hi.” Do you see her? She is wanting us to come out and play.
There are downsides for this city girl doing the country living thing, but the hidden blessings abound. The beauty is one of them.
You see, we don’t have to care for her, clean up her messes, muck her stall or even feed her…we just get to enjoy her majesty and might as she gleefully gallops through the meadow.
She belongs to the neighbor.
But she LOVES us, because we feed her crunchy carrots and amazing apples. I say that is a mighty good exchange for the pleasure she gives, wouldn’t you?

My son has nicknames her “Pepito” since we don’t know her given name…don’t ask me why. I don’t really think it fits her, so you can rename her anything you’d like.

Her blue eyes glisten – I have never seen anything like it before.

Ever since my son got his first kiss, the kids have enjoyed making this beauty do funny things each and every day. They are so naughty, but it sure is hysterical to watch what she does for her treats.

My daughter desires very much to brush her teeth.

I took these pictures many weeks ago and never posted them. I SO wish you could see our woods now…..breathtaking. I feel like I am at a resort. Aren’t you all enjoying the majesty of this time of year?

When you look out your picture window, what do you see?

(adding this after my exhausting Holiday Market….If I had the time to load up another picture, I would add the picture of Mocha’s droppings. Guess where she slept again…..grrr.