Scouring the grocery store for frugal finds is one of my passions…no…hobbies…umm,
necessities – yes, necessities.Readers of my blog will know that one of my number one tips in shopping is Be Observant!
I always check to see what items are marked down at the bakery.
Day old deals are delightful, if you ask me.

So when we (yes, all the kids were with me) rounded the bakery aisle corner at 8:30pm, and a buggy filled with these deliciously adorned orange stickered boxes screamed….
(why… yes, I am, thank you…God made me special),
my teen boys grabbed every last little box.
They were giddy…beyond thrilled at the moment that their mother was such a frugal hacker.
Let’s do the math…..
12 donuts per box X 4 boxes = a whole lot more donuts than I need.
for $1.99 per dozen, I’m there!

Forget needing that Hot and Now sign to be on…stick these mouth melting marvels in the microwave for 10 seconds, and they are Hot and Now in your very own home for 1/5 of the original price.

So one might wonder how I am working out at the gym 4 times a week and not losing any weight?
This may have a little bit to do with it….
those babies went fast.

This was all that was left by the next morning…sick, I know!

Now I just keep one here…memorialized…
to remind me of what will be once again…but not now…NOT NOW!
(Walk away from the picture, Jen…walk – not to the kitchen!)
Frugal tip: When I first found this deal back at Thanksgiving, I thought it was just a hit or miss kind of thing at our newly opened store.
The next time I went back, I specifically asked when they marked down their donuts.
I needed to make the most of these deals..for the’s all about the kids.

Every night at 7:30 pm, the bakery department marks down the left overs from that day.
My down fall came when hubby found out that little fact…he was bringing them home daily. I have since put a ca bash on that treat!
I implement that same frugal tip with the meat/dairy department…I will share about those steals soon.

So go talk to your baker and eat a Krispy Kreme – think of me. 🙂