Kitchen Aid Mixer
It’s no exaggeration that my Kitchen Aid mixer is one of my most beloved and recommended kitchen tools.
No, I am not getting paid to say this. No, they are not sending me a free mixer to post this. This is just my honest, “you get what you invest in”, opinion. It’s lasted us years and year,s and I use it multiple times per week. Our daughters love my Kitchen Aid, so I need your help.
I don’t want to replace my Kitchen Aid, if I don’t have to. You guys are a wealth of knowledge, so I thought you might give me your suggestions. The only answers I received gave suggestions on how to get stuck Kitchen Aid beaters OFF the stand, but that is not my issue.
Kitchen Aid helpSee the above photo? That is where one places the beater, paddle or dough hook. Notice the little metal pin that goes through the center horizontally? It is stuck. REALLY stuck. It’s almost as if the metal expanded overnight. I have tried for nearly one month to fix it and get it unstuck, to no avail.
Do you have any suggestions besides oiling, pounding, soaking, cutting etc?
I feel like I have tried everything, and it kills me to think of buying a new one, or even paying to have it fixed just because of this.
Now, that Kitchen Aid mixer has served me faithfully for over a decade, so if I must replace it, I will, yet I would love your suggestions if you can help.