I like big cups and I can not lie
It started at just 16 with my first waitressing job and it’s been going strong ever since. Yes, my love affair with this piping, hot beverage. Sometimes I am fairly certain it’s more of a mental thing; a diversion from life, if only for a few blissful moments, but I am OK with that.

Last week during an interview, I was asked if I have any guilty pleasures – that thing where my frugal nature gets tossed aside if only for a bit, and without hesitation, I declared coffee. I’m not a snob about anything; except my coffee, and then I’m a good kind of a snob – one who appreciates this simple pleasure.

Keurig Mini Brewer

For me, there’s nothing better than sharing it with my family on our front porch. When our eldest got his first job as a barista, I heard the angels singing. He knew my love language and could talk shop with me. Yet as of last week, he’s gone. In fact, we’ve sent two off to college. Going from a house full of five, loud and energetic children (we had four teens in the house for 2 years), down to a house of three kids, has been quite the adjustment. It’s only been two weeks and our youngest (11) keeps mentioning that it’s too quiet. I agree.

college dorm life

College life is a huge adjustment. For most, more than they could ever realize. Especially with our eldest heading back still not over his crazy, “I just can’t make this stuff up” summer and resulting mono, plus our second son playing Division 1 football, I’m a momma on her knees.

Future Millionaire son - college life

Our eldest already burning the midnight oil with his hot necessary beverages.

Especially for guys, their dorm rooms are devoid of those simple pleasures of home. Besides hanging up a few flags and maybe a poster, their rooms don’t scream cozy,  so trust me with this recommendation, in my world, having your own Keurig Mini Personal Brewer is the best back to school accessory ever. This would have made late night exam cramming a dream for me. (But of course, I do not recommend that for my own children.) 🙂

When I found out that Keurig’s Back to School Promotion included these adorable Mini Personal Brewers in 12 colors to choose from, plus they’ve introduced their new college sports team line, I was happy to share.

I’ve scoured the web to make sure I was offering the best deal and it is by far.

Like I mentioned, it’s the little simple things.  🙂

College life means stocking up on coffee


.Keurig Personal Brewers with tons of colors

And how can this picture make me so happy?

I purchased our Keurig Mini Personal Brewer three years ago and it’s still going strong. I didn’t need one of the fancy ones because this was perfect for me. I sure would love it in turquoise though to match my kitchen.

Mini Brewer Keurig Georgia Bulldogs

This picture is in honor of our son’s room mate who is a born and raised in Georgia boy. Wouldn’t this make the best Christmas gift? I’m definitely texting her this deal.

When college life hits, enjoy your Keurig

I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of One2One Network. My love of coffee and my opinions on Keurig, all my own.