A friend once said that launching a book is like standing in front of an audience in your underwear. How’s that for an opener to this post?

At the time I didn’t get it, nor did it matter to me because I vehemently decided that I would not ever write a book. Well, here I am, standing in front of you…oh my.

It’s a vulnerable place to be, but this message that I’ve written down – it matters. The stories I’m sharing on these pages are the hard fought kind. The ones that come from decades of living through the good, bad and the ugly and in the end, it is all worth it. Stories you’ve never heard before and ones that I hope inspire and shift how you view your day to day, plus you’ll get free goodies!! (keep scrolling)

Some say this Just Open the Door is a book on imperfect hospitality. I beg to differ. We’ll talk about so much more than “hospitality.” Each chapter focuses on a different theme and we cover it all: comparison, a house that’s not guest ready, busy-ness, friendship, loneliness, nervousness, time around the table, mothering, adoptions, money: the elephant in the room, traveling hospitality and so much more.

Of course, there’s a bit of beauty and my own personal bedlam mixed in for good measure along with practical home and food tips, along with ways to “Elevate the Ordinary” using what we have on hand.

Just Open the Door is for every woman of all life stages and I can’t wait for you to join me in sharing how one invitation can truly change a generation.

Because somewhere along the way we’ve allowed the idea of social entertaining to hijack the true heart of hospitality and Just Open the Door is your personal yes-you-can guide to offering the life-changing gift of invitation.

This book isn’t just for those who are good at meal plans or pretty tablescapes, it’s for every woman who has ever desired more community in her life; whose heart aches for connection but isn’t sure where to start. It’s for introverts and extroverts, for those who love parties as well as those who dread them.

Every time we choose open-door living—whether in our homes or by taking hospitality on the road – you create a launching pad for so much joy. For me, it’s never perfect, but then neither am I.

So if you’d like an extra dose of encouragement, then my frugal heart desires to share some fun goodies if you pre-order now.

When you pre-order the book online (from any of your favorite spots), then get the first seven chapters digitally (so you don’t have to wait for your book,) a beautiful download of my Hospitality Manifesto, as well as free $10 to spend at Dayspring.com.

For those that have followed me for years, Dayspring is my go-to place for gift items (especially their sale section) so you’ll be able to get something for free and my heart sprinkled on the pages of this book. 🙂

Look at all those fun things for the price of two coffees. Thank you for your support. Since I chose to step back from my blog over the last few years and dive into real life and this book, I need a little help spreading the word and I’d be forever grateful if you’d share this with others.

Once you order your book, head to JustOpentheDoor.com to redeem your goodies. YAY!!

Thank you. Thank you. Can’t wait to journey this with you.