we needed to liven things up around our homestead, we’ve added some blessed additions.

Six to be exact.

And they are as precious as can be. They haven’t opened their eyes yet, but we can’t wait for that next step. They are yellow labs – three males, and three females.

Oh, sweet baby, I know how you feel…

But, I guess to be more exact, I know how you feel, momma. Motherhood is exhausting, isn’t it?

At least for awhile, this has cured my daughter’s baby itch.
She could stay in their whelping box all day long.

My daughter thought for sure she was going to be a big sister, and is still waiting for a new addition.
A few months ago, I began a post sharing my “big news.”
It still sits unpublished. I never finished it.
I had planned an entire lifetime in those ten days that I suspected I was pregnant.
How old would the baby be during our family reunion? How huge would I be at Christmas?
How could I get more organized with my upcoming home school year etc.
It’s amazing how we can plan a lifetime in just one day, isn’t it?

I don’t expect that post to ever be published (just in case you’re wondering), but for now, I will live vicariously through my sweet doggy.
As I type, I listen to all of them nursing.
It’s precious, and yep, it’s giving me that baby itch. 🙂