A few months ago, I had the privilege of going to my hometown of Milwaukee, WI to be part of Johnsonville Kitchen’s Blog for a Cause event (more about how your comment will equal $50 at the end.) As one of the few family values, family owned food companies left around, Johnsonville is a company with which I am so proud to partner; not just because Johnsonville products are party of our family food culture , but also because they are a company committed to giving back to the community and causes in need.

They brought a small group of bloggers to Wisconsin where we learned about Johnsonville, their mission and their desire to provide not just quality products, but also to get our opinion and input.
They surprised us with an afternoon of cooking with Top Chef Antonia-Lofaso. There were so many unique recipes that bloggers tackled, but I choose to get some tips for cooking risotto. Antonia was trained under Wolf gang Puck, and the key to an amazing risotto is T.I.M.E. and continuous stirring. It was well worth the end result, but I also realize why I don’t make it for my family. (How can I resist dumping rice and water into my rice cooker and then walking away. That’s so much more tempting for my Ten Minute Dinners.)

Our traditional Christmas Day actually contained multiple Johnsonville products – My Quick Sausage Casserole, Scrambled Eggs with Spicy Sausage, and then for Christmas Dinner, my husband actually grilled brats and Italian Sausage because it was the Packer’s – Bears Game and it just wouldn’t have been right to eat anything else 🙂 Yes, by the end of the day, my guys were happy, I was over stuffed. Since Johnsonville has introduced their new chicken sausages, I have been buying those and just loving the quick and easy meal ideas.
The highlight of this trip was their commitment to donate up to $1000 to the charity of my choice. Many of you remember the mission trip our family took to Guatemala this summer to work in an orphanage and open the eyes of our children to third world poverty.

One of the families that worked at the orphanage decided to begin their own ministry: Redeemer’s House. As they walk the streets, they are constantly immersed in the deeply rooted poverty on the streets and wanted to do something about it, one family at a time. They decided to  get out into the community and search out single moms who are most in need – possibly living on the streets, without food or means to provide for their children. In the area where we were working, this was not difficult. All one needs to do is literally walk the streets. As they find these families, they are building relationships and helping give those women hope, and a means to dig out of the extreme poverty.

Johnsonville has agreed to partner with me by donating up to $1000 to Redeemer’s House, but I need your help for them to receive it. They will donate $50 for every comment you leave sharing on of your favorite sausage recipes or one you’ve been wanting to try.
Do you need some great recipe inspiration? You can  head on over to their site and then come back and let me know in the comments.
Even though Christmas just ended, we should never stop the giving in spirit, and Johnsonville will donate $50 for every comment  left by 12/31.
Thanks so much, my Tasty Tuesday readers, for helping out these precious blessings.
So, for $50 to help families in Guatemala, what is your Favorite Sausage Recipe? If you have one posted on your blog, leave the link in the comments as well.
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