I grew up with lots of sayings and wives tales in our family. Did you?

I remember my mom continually assuring me that since my hair was so fine, it would grow in thicker if we kept cutting it, so therefore I lived the first 12  years of my life with hair that looked like a boy.

Live and learn. True story, but the cosmetology “fact” passed on by my mom? Not true.

I also heard in high school that for every night I didn’t wash off my make up it would take off years from my life. Ok, maybe not my life, but it would add years of age onto my face.

For those that have read here for any length of time, you know I struggle with the little disciplines of life. So when I’m exhausted after a long day, the last thing I feel the need to do is wash my face. But then I heard that “statistic” and every night, yes, decades later,  there’s still that little voice that whispers to me, “You’ll add years to your face.”

And so this is one little discipline I haven’t let slide. No matter how tired I am, I at least wash any foundation or powder off (forget the mascara, that’s a whole new level of work if I’m exhausted).

A survey showed that 1 out of 3 women slept in their makeup at least twice a week. I wonder if they heard that piece of “advice” that I did years ago? I don’t think so. 😉

I always thought it was a wives tale, so I did a little research and did you know that it wasn’t too far off. Leaving your makeup on is NOT for those who want to their face to grow old gracefully.

A 20 something girl was curious about this “wives tale” as well, so she launched an experiment through a dermatologist to see the results of  sleeping in makeup for one month straight.

They did a before/after exam of her skin and at the end of 30 days, under review by dermatologist, it showed that her skin aged a decade. Seriously? I could not even believe it. Now, the dermatologist assured her it wasn’t permanent damage, but it showed the possibilities of what would happen long term.


I’m at the age where I am all about investing in quality skin care and am still in the “Try them out” and then advise stage.

I was sent a collection from I On Youth by Irene Michaels to try and I get to giveaway a few products too. This would make a perfect gift for the holidays.

Also, based on my above convo, I’m all about makeup remover wipes in all forms. It goes back to the importance of removing your makeup and these make it so easy.


Facial serums have become incredibly popular as the new anti aging wonder and this was main item that I was anxious to try. Facial serums are known for smoothing fine lines, making skin look fresher, younger and healthier, but the ones I’ve looked in come with hefty price tags (upwards of $100+.) Honestly, I’m at the place now where if I find a product that works wonders I will invest in it, but often I find that lower priced ones work well too, so I’ve enjoyed using this.

I’ve only been using the  I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels Roll-On Serum for two weeks, so I will need to follow up with long term results, but so far, it leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft. I love that the  stainless steel roller allows for precise application so no serum is wasted. I use it after cleansing but before moisturizing since they aren’t made to take the place of moisturizers. I’ll let you know.

Giveaway is closed.

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