Yep, you’ve asked that I give you a heads up when those rock ’em, sock ’em, kick them out of the park kind of savings come around, and it’s here…again.
You would have laughed at my friend and me, sitting around the moms’ snack room while our kids were in their weekly home school classes, clipping coupons, and stuffing our coupon binders. Of which mine has now been completed upgraded for this non organizer.
I think we ended up explaining the CVS “game” and double coupons for three straight hours.
It was a site to behold (or laugh at…it’s ok, I am fine with that 🙂
Anyhow, she pulled out the Kmart flyer…yes, you guessed it.
Kmart is doubling coupons up to, and including $2.
Do you remember all of this, and how much I saved?
I know, I know….I don’t have the time to go either, but it’s SO worth it.
You’ll be thanking me afterwards.
Remember, if you procrastinate like I did, the shelves may be empty.
So head on over there tomorrow.
The “details” are the same as last time.
**They will DOUBLE $2 manufacturer coupons
(you can’t use internet coupons for this).
That means if you if you have a $2 item and have a $1 coupon for it,
yes…it’s free! Body wash…free! Cleaning supplies – $.50.
There are oodles of free or nearly free things to be had…
it’s yours for the taking –
if you hurry.
Just a small showing of what I found the last time around for pennies on the dollar. Deals vary from store to store (especially if you have a few other thrifty ladies in your area…hee hee).

I am scrambling to get my house ready, but
come back tomorrow and I will share the budget balancer that I accomplished today.
$39.96 of marinated pork tenderloin from the meat department for only $9.96.
This meal will grace our table tomorrow evening for the
company that is coming for a week. And the reason I am scrambling? Well, my daughter put it so eloquently today as she proclaimed to 40 some people, “Our house is a wreck.”
But you know how I love “Homestead Hospitality.”
It will soon be a haven. 🙂
And yes, as much as you were all pulling for Mocha, she is finally back in her rightful place (which isn’t the porch swing).