As I opened my inbox this morning, I received one of those courtesy emails reminding me that I had to bring snacks this evening for my high school son’s “round table discussion.”

You know the kind of reminder that you never knew you had to be reminded about in the first place?

Now, don’t hear my wrong. I love taking my share of snack duty, but what made me chuckle was the last line, “and homemade is requested.” In a few seconds, I went through a myriad of emotions – namely surprise, frustration, guilt and relief.

Surprise and frustration that my son (or whoever was responsible for letting me know I had snacks didn’t communicate with me). Guilt because I knew that there was no way I was going to be able to tackle a bunch of homemade goodies, and then relief because I realized that what I had on hand was a “Good enough Thing.”

I responded with this email, “We’ve got it covered, but unfortunately, homemade will not be on the agenda.  They will love it none the less. :)”

As I hit “Send,” a burden was lifted. It truly was fine to acknowledge that I just can’t do it all, regardless of what others may think.

We hosted around 100 people at our home between Saturday and Sunday evenings.  We opened our homes, enjoyed hours of deepening friendships, while also making new ones, and devoured a wonderful combination of homemade goodness, along with store bought love.

Nobody cared that some food was store bought. People just wanted to gather. People wanted to share. People wanted to enjoy life together.

So while I would have loved to grace the table with a plethora of homemade yummies this evening, store bought had to do. One thing I know to be true, those high schoolers were just fine, and I was truly a better woman today because I hit “Send.”

It was a Good enough Thing.

This month, may we all celebrate the Good “enough” Things in our lives.

Has there been something in your month that has been a Good enough Thing? I’d love to hear it!

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