The children and I were sharing life together.
It was one of those “ahhh” moments that a mother’s heart loves.
Breakfast was finished, and we journeyed to the couch for our devotions.
I was purely passionate this morning since the topic was something that I spend a lot of time researching, and even more time pondering .
Why do teenagers leave “the church?”
Or more specifically – What has led to the startling statistic that 75% of evangelical Christians walk away from their faith with in 2 years of entering college.
They could tell their merry mom was getting into one of her preacher moods.
“What is the responsibility of the parent… my role as a mother….our role in modeling authentic living.”
Oh yes, my children, the room was heating up tremendously.
As I challenged them with all the spiritual authority I could muster, I do believe a lighter began swaying over my head, and a resounding chorus of
It only takes a spark, followed by People need the Lord (that’s an inside joke for all you who grew up in the church during the 70’s/80’s ;), ….bellowed through our hallowed halls.

Well, the moment I proclaimed that they may be the only Jesus that anyone ever sees,
coupled with the charge to make a difference – at the store, at church, on the football field….that is when the bedlam began.
It only “takes a small spark” to change the mood, doesn’t it, and that was it. It had been flamed.
The moment on my soap box was interrupted.
Amongst the giggles,
“Oh, he has made a difference all right,” retorted the siblings.
And the “difference” was explained….in details which I will leave out.

Every mother’s dream is echoed in the Proverbs 31 woman’s exhortation that their children will rise up and call her blessed. Agreed?
Well, my mother’s heart was done proud when my son (leaving out names to protect the innocent) let his “Jesus light shine” (one of our family mottoes), on the football field.
It came to my attention, during our special family bonding time, that this particular son has a new nickname.
Yes, a nickname specially picked from a few of those fellow football friends whose lives he has impacted.
not quite sure I have ever seen this spelled as a Proper Noun before, but let your imagination wander.
Yep, I stand in amazement at the wonder of it all.
I am blessed, and you are blessed to know me.
To think that in a few short years, Fartigous will rise up and call me blessed.
AHHH – does a mamma’s heart good.
Don’t you just love a few boys of bedlam?

***edited…my hubby thinks I need to add an explanation of FART…igus…
Based on the comments, I definitely think every one is tracking with me. And he’s not even a blond – love you anyway honey. 🙂