Oh yes, the title got you, didn’t it?
I know there is no such thing as instant organization, but some things come pretty close.  I love coming across things that I can implement immediately, since I tend to be a huge procrastinator in the organizational department.
For years, I have been emailing myself a myriad of things.  The problem with that method?  I can not find them 500 emails later. As I browse blogs and find creative inspiration, the same problem occurs. I forget where I found the site.
My friends kept telling me that I needed to try to organize my things on-line, but since I do not have an Iphone or Blackberry, I kept putting it off.
Well, it’s painless and I can’t believe I kept procrastinating. I am hooked. I shared about this once before, but now have been using it for a few months and it’s wonderful.
Springpad is a free personal organizer to keep favorite web pages in one place: recipes, notes, restaurants, books, movies, music, tasks & more. Users can share their favorite items with friends via email, Facebook, or Twitter. They can even get their stuff when they need it by accessing everything on their mobile phone. Springpad has many free applications to help users plan (yes, I just copied that description from their site…:) ) and it takes about a minute to set up.
I LOVE it, and have already added recipes, great before/after projects, cool quotes  that I want to remember.  I love that it’s all in one place, so easy and it make me now feel more techie and organized than I really am. I just thought I would share something that is helping me out in real life, and did I mention, you can sign up for FREE. It doesn’t get any better than that, check it out below.
The picture below stresses how easy it is to store recipes, and will direct you to the ways you can organize your recipes, shopping list etc, but it’s really for saving anything on-line. Any blog or site you find with an article you want to save, you can do just that. This idea just works perfectly with Tasty Tuesday.