I'm choosing to make this a great day

Every day when we wake up, we have a choice and sometimes I forget that very simple, yet vitally important truth.

We begin the day with new opportunities, new interactions, and new decisions.

Many things in our day to day life are completely out of our control and it’s so difficult to unleash our tight grip, pry open our hands, and relinquish those things, but one thing we can always control is our choices.

It’s not easy and often, I get it wrong, but I know that my attitude makes all the difference.
That’s why I want to share this free printable I created just for you.

I need this simple reminder often.

I’m choosing to make this a great day!

Print it off.  Stick it on the fridge or in a cute frame on the wall. Print one for each of your kids’ rooms to help them remember to that their attitude matters.

Today, let’s choose to make this a great one, regardless of the circumstances.

 Click on one of the three options to download  and print off your copy. The colors vary just a bit.

I’m choosing to make this a great day or I’m Choosing to make this a great day