picky eater
I remember it as if it was yesterday.
Overdue with our second child, (who ended up being 10 pounds, 1 ounce  – yes, a crazy natural birth) my mom had come to WI (from NC) to help me with our eldest son while I was in the hospital.
I was serving leaf salad for dinner, but of course, my son didn’t like it, so I gave him something else. I mean a good mother wouldn’t make her child eat a texture he didn’t like, would she?
My mom wondered why I was starting his eating habits off that way, by letting him decide what he did and didn’t enjoy.  That was the realization that whether we had one child or twenty, our children were not going to dictate my meals. I was not going to have picky eaters. Seventeen years later, that son is known on his football team as the “salad eater,” and goes first to the greens when we’re at a buffet.
Last month a few of my blogging friends discussed the issues and through around ideas for picky eaters, and it’s always eye opening how everyone has their own opinions. With five children and strong views on the subject, I’d love to let you all share what works in your family. I’m kind of one of those “mean moms” in this area, and never have been one to be a short order cook, but I can definitely say that I no longer have picky eaters. In fact, I wish they were a bit pickier and it might save on my food bill a little bit.
Since they’ve been little I have given each child one “pass” on food – you know the one that literally gives you the gag reflex? They got to choose long ago ONE, yes, only one, food that I made them try, but will never make them eat it again. For my son and I, it’s salmon. I WISH I loved it since it’s so good for you, but I just don’t.
Now another son, no matter what the meal may taste like, always assumes he is not going to like it. It’s become a bit of a joke in the family since he turns his nose up, but then tastes it, and clears his plate. He knows he won’t have a choice.
My friend, Toni from The Happy Housewife, compiled a great free ebook  – The Guide to Eating with Picky Eaters. The description says, “Find out what makes a picky eater, how to determine if you have one, how to involve your child in food preparation, and learn creative ways to get your child to try new foods”
She pays her young ones to try new things, oh yes, she does. Again, there are so many great ideas to conquer this, we want you to enjoy cooking for your family, not continually be stressed about what they will and will not eat.
In the comments, share some of your ideas on how you conquer the picky eater syndrome. (Who knows it just might be your husband. :)) Then gather more tried and true thoughts from Toni’s ebook.
With the new year, I can’t wait to get back to my meal planning, and look forward to your Tasty Tuesday ideas every week. Take some time to browse around and encourage other bloggers as well.

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