I’ve had one of those weeks.
A week when my big boys were gone for the week, and I had such HUGE plans; so many tasks and projects I wanted to get done. Goals, dreams, and a wonderful “to do” list were at the forefront of my mind, with the time to actually get those very things done, but I didn’t….
I didn’t do them. I barely touched my list, but I wanted to. I really did.
It was a ” I wanna WANT to” week. So many things I really wanted to do, but obviously not enough.
I wanted to WANT to start the 30 Day Shred again. I wanted to WANT to make better eating choices. I wanted to WANT to deep clean my house. I wanted to WANT to organize my closets. I wanted to WANT to paint my great room walls.
There are so many things I wanna want to do. Things I want to stop just talking about, and get down to the business of doing them. Yes, disciplining myself to do the hard stuff.
Some of you know exactly what I am talking about, don’t you?
You might wanna want to get control of your budget and get out of debt, but it’s just so much work. You wanna want to start couponing, but it’s just so time consuming. You wanna want to start meal planning, but you don’t know where to start. You wanna want to be more intentional with your family time, but sometimes it’s easier to just make it through the day.
For me, it’s come down to the honest question of, “Just how much do I really want it?
What is standing in my way? Is it my lack of goal setting or lack of discipline? Failure to plan? Or maybe it’s just wanting a rest?
I figure what better way to hold myself accountable than with you all?
There are a few things that I really want to accomplish, and be held accountable on this summer.
First, I really need to start exercising regularly again. I’ve gotten the “blogger butt” syndrome as some of us call it, and it really does affect many aspects of my life while my weight loss roller coaster continues.
I also have four pieces of furniture that need to be painted, and I just need to do it. Yes, not a life changing revelation, but something I have procrastinated on for too long.
I have closets that MUST be organized. They are overflowing and just need a day or two of work to accomplish that. Again, a simple task, but one that just needs to be done; not looked at over and over, and certainly not just talked about.
Lastly, it’s been over a year since I have done my Pantry Challenge, and I will be starting that “no shopping” challenge again in July, if you care to join me. It will be a great way to hold myself accountable in using up our fresh produce, as well as eating through some of my overly stocked pantry items that need to be rotated. This is always a fun challenge for me, so I invite you to save some extra money along with me.
So, is there anything you WANNA WANT to do, but just haven’t made it happen?

Maybe we can encourage each other along the way, since we are all in this journey together.